55th Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Computing

March 4-8, 2024


*  Special Session:  Algorithmic Graph Theory    Organizer:    Bernard Ries and Chinh Hoang
** Special Session: Enumerative Combinatorics Organizers:  Miklos Bona




Abdallah, Mohamad

American University of Kuwait Neighbor-Connectivity of Cayley Graphs Generated by Trees and Unicyclic

Abueida, Atif

University of Dayton On (C4, E2)-decompositions of the complete 3-uniform hypergraph Kn(3)

Agrahari, Gyaneshwar 

Louisiana State University Cycles-Related Γ-Harmonious Graphs

Ahmad, Uzma

University of Punjab Anti-reciprocal Eigenvalue Property of Graphs

Ahn, Jungho *

Korea Institute for Advanced Study Almost linear kernels for generalized covering and packing on sparse graphs

Alexseyev, Max

The George Washington University From Privacy to Enumeration in a Restroom and Elsewhere

Akinola, Fatima

University of Florida On Hamilton cycle decompositions of complete multipartite graphs which are both cyclic and symmetric

Andelic, Milica

Kuwait University On the inverse Collatz-Sinogowitz irregularity problem

Archer, Kassie **

United States Navel Academy Powers of permutations avoiding chains of patterns

Aweda, Oluwakayode

Georgia Southern University A New Approach to Middle Level Problem

Bailey, Sean

Texas A&M University Texarkana Combinatorially Orthogonal Graphs

Barrón, Jesús Sistos

Georgia Southern university Counting conjugates of colored compositions

Barrus, Michael *

University of Rhode Island Havel–Hakimi, Murphy, Maxine, and Hereditary Classes

Bauer, Morgan **

Eckerd College A New Lower Bound for Deterministic Pop-Stack-Sorting

Benferhat, S.

University of Artois On the graphical representation of wastewater networks data

Bereg, Sergey

The University of Texas at Dallas Computing Random Matchings in Permutohedra

Bickle, Allan

Purdue University Forbidden Subgraph Characterizations of Single Graphs

Blair, Howard

Syracuse University Boolean Expressions as Continuous Time Differentiable Dynamical Systems

Bona, Miklos

University of Florida Negative Results in Combinatorial Enumeration

Bowling, Andrew

University of Minnesota Duluth Coloring, Cozonal Labelings, and Kempe Chains

Brown, Jason

Dalhousie University A Love Affair with Graph Polynomials

Cameron, Kathie *

Wilfrid Laurier University Reconfiguration of Vertex Colourings in Hereditary Classes of Graphs

Carr, John

University of North Alabama Algebraically Describing Color Trades of Complete Bipartite Graphs

Che, Zhongyuan

Penn State University Resonance graphs of plane bipartite graphs as daisy cubes

Chung Graham, Fan

University of California San Diego Quasi-random boolean functions

Colbourn, Charles

Arizona State University Efficient Greedy Algorithms with Accuracy Guarantees for Combinatorial Restrictions

Collins, Karen *

Wesleyan University Blocks of Degree Sequences of Split Graphs

Conrad, Esther

 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Langley Research Center
Formal Verification, Distributed Computing, and Path Planning Algorithms

Coopman, Michael **

University of Florida Major index distribution

Curran, Stephen

University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Prime labelings on a 3 x n grid graph
Darrow, Brian Southern Connecticut State University

Grate Expectations

Delgado, Moises University of Puerto Rico at Cayey

Recent Advances Towards the Conjecture of Exceptional APN Functions

Dimitrov, Stoyan ** Rutgers University

The joint asymptotic normality of Spearman’s disarray and number of inversions

Dymacek, Wayne Retired

Realizability of n-vertex graphs with prescribed vertex and edge connectivity
and minimum and maximum degree, IV

Edmonds, Jack  

Optimum Branching Systems

Emamy-K. M. R.  University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras

A System of Rotational Hyperplanes and a Simple Polytopal Path in Convexity

Engbers, John  ** Marquette University

Reciprocals of Thinned Exponential Series

Erey, Aysel Utah State University

Spreading in graphs

Eschen, Elaine * West Virginia University

Bipartite completion of colored graphs avoiding chordless cycles of given lengths

Fields, Joe Southern Connecticut State University

Grate Expectations

Flagg, Mary University of St. Thomas


Froncek, Dalibor University of Minnesota Duluth

Γ-supermagic labeling of some regular graphs with dihedral groups

Fuentes, Melissa M. Villanova University

The Extremality of 2-partite Tur´an Graphs with Respect to the Number of Colorings

Gallagher, Emma Stonehill College

On Z2 × Z2- Magic Graphs and Circuits

Gao, Weizheng  Elizabeth City State University

Using Discrete Structures to Analyze Risk Assessments

Gezek, Mustafa

Tekirdag Namik Kemal University Pedal sets of unitals embedded in projective planes of square order

Gilroy, Haile

Auburn University Using path and star decompositions to design Derivative Computation task sets

Gnang, Edinah

Johns Hopkins University A proof of the Graham–Sloane conjecture
Golumbic, Martin 

University of Haifa

Containment Orders - A Lifelong Journey
Gossett, Ian *

Wesleyan University

Some Orientation Theorems for Restricted DP-colorings of Graphs
Gottlieb, Eric

Rhodes College

Conway-Gurvich Classification for Berlekamp’s Impartial Chess
Gould, Ronald

Emory University

Extending Some Pancyclicity Results
Guan, Puhua

University of Puerto Rico, Rio Riedras

Minimal number of colors for conflict free colorings of hypercube of dimension m
Hanna, Elizabeth

Stonehill College

On Z2 × Z2- Magic Graphs and Circuits
Harris, Isabel

Auburn University

ARk -Bounded Graphs on the Complete Graph
Hell, Pavol *

Simon Fraser University

2-Direction Ray Graphs, Extension Theorems, and Dichotomy for Signed Graphs
Hernandez Cruz, César *

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Linear Certifying Algorithms for Simple Graph Classes
Heule, Merijn

Carnegie Mellon University

Mathematics and Symbolic AI
Heuss, Sarah


Representatives of special families
Hoang, Chinh *

Wilfrid Laurier University

A closure lemma for tough graphs and Hamiltonian degree conditions
Hogenson, Kirsten

Skidmore College

Equitable Choosability of Prism Graphs
Hollenback, Jace

Stonehill College

AL(k)-spectrum for Cycles and Related Graphs
Isaak, Garth *

Lehigh University

Hamiltonian Path Variants in Structured Graph Families
Jackson, Jacob

Stonehill College

AL(k)-spectrum for Cycles and Related Graphs
Jacob, Dalu *

University of Haifa

New bounds on the anti-Ramsey numbers of star graphs via maximum edge
Jerdee, Aidan  University of Minnesota Duluth

Super Edge-Magic Deficiencies of Books and Cycles

Johnson, Peter Auburn University

Babai Numbers and Spectra of Paths and Cycles

Johnston, Daniel Trinity College

Orientable total domination in graphs

Kingan, Sandra * Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, CUNY 

Generating Cyclically 4-Connected Cubic Graphs

Kotsireas, Ilias Wilfrid Laurier University

130+ years of the Hadamard conjecture

Kreher, Donald Michigan Technological University

On min-base palindromic representations of powers of 2

Lau, Gee-Choon 77D, Jalan Subuh, Johor, Malaysia Construction of fixed even size graphs with local antimagic chromatic number 3
- matrix & vertices merging approaches

Lee, Jinwook

Drexel University Graph, moments, geometry for probabilities of events in the d-space

Limouzy, Vincent *

Université Clermont Auvergne, CNRS  On the equivalence of Strongly and Dually CPT graphs

Lipták, László 

Oakland University Edge join of cubic graphs

Low, Richard

San Jose State University New Diagonal Graph Ramsey Numbers of Unicyclic Graphs

Mandrick, Sean **

University of Florida Graphical Transpositions

Matijasevick, Mateo

Purdue University Lattice Paths in Corridors and Cyclic Corridors

Mazza, Lucian

Oakland University Unique Group Coloring of Graphs

Merz, Sarah

University of the Pacific A matching problem inspired by a reality television show

Messigner, Margaret-Ellen *          

Mount Allison University Towards the Burning Number Conjecture

Meyerowitz, Aaron

Florida Atlantic University Neighborhood Balanced Colorings of Regular Graphs

Minion, Sarah

University of South Florida Method to Construct All 2-Sided Strip Polyominoes

Myers, Timothy

Howard University Some New Occurrences of the Central Delannoy Numbers

Newman, Nick

Troy University About Perfection of Circular Mixed Hypergraphs

Noble, Matt

Middle Georgia State University On Graphs with Rainbow 1-Factorizations

Oberly, Samuel

Johns Hopkins University Further Improvements to the Upper Bound for the Site Percolation Threshold of the Square Lattice

Owens, Andrew

Widener University Word-Representable Graphs: Orientations, Posets, and Bounds

Pappe, Joseph  **

Colorado State University Cyclic Sieving Phenomenon for Fans of Dyck Paths

Pfaltz, John

University of Virginia The Hidden Structure of Finite Union-Closed Set Systems

Porschen, Stefan

HTW Berlin On CNF Base Hypergraphs
Reiswig, Josiah Anderson University

The degree/Steiner k-diameter problem for trees

Ries, Bernard * University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Matching Cuts in Graphs of High Girth and H-Free Graphs

Rombach, Puck University of Vermont

Positroids over F3

Rubio, Ivelisse University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras

Multidimensional Costas Arrays

Schroder, Bernd ** The University of Southern Mississippi

Melding Combinatorics and Group Theory to Confirm The Automorphism Conjecture
for Ordered Sets?

Schroeder, Michael Stetson University

Primitive Cycle Decompositions

Schwartz, Andrew

Southeast Missouri State University

The zero forcing numbers and propagation times of gear graphs and helm graphs

Seamone, Ben

Dawson College

On the eviction model of eternal domination

Sepanski, Mark

Baylor University Young Tableau Reconstruction Via Minors

Shozi, Zekhaya

Sol Plaatje University The Number of k-Nearly Independent Subsets

Sinko, Anne

College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University   Chromatic-Partition Number in Graphs

Smyth, Clifford **

University of North Carolina, Greensboro Total Non-negativity of Generating Functions

Soifer, Alexander

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs What is new in “The New Mathematical Coloring Book?”

Southwood, Garrett

Georgia Southern University The Combinatorics of Increasing Graphs

Spinrad, Jeremy *

Vanderbilt University New Questions on Partial Orders and Sorting

Stern, Michal *

Academic College of Tel Aviv - Yaffo Gaining clustered trees on grid hypergraph intersection graphs

Stinson, Douglas

 University of Waterloo and Carleton University A Compendium of Difference Families

Su, Hsin-hao

Stonehill College On Subdivision Graphs of Cylinder Graphs which are 2-steps Hamiltonian

Sullivan, Shaun **

Florida Gulf Coast University Combinatorics of lane merging: Limited Capacity Lanes

Tesman, Barry

Dickinson College Directed T-colorings

Tiemeyer, Michael

Georgia Southern University

On z-cycle factorizations with two associate classes where z is 2a

Trenk, Ann *

Wellesley College Split Graphs and Amphoras in Posets

Van Nimwegen, Nicholas 

University of Florida A Combinatorial Proof for 132-Avoiding Permutations with a Unique Longest Increasing Subsequence

Vindas-Meléndez, Andrés **

University of California, Berkeley Stack-sorting simplices: geometry and lattice-point enumeration

Wang, Hua **

Georgia Southern University Coloring compositions by part positions
Wang, Ping St. Francis Xavier University

The surviving rate C7-free planar graph

Wiederrecht, Sebastian * Institute for Basic Science (IBS)

Bipartite Treewidth: Odd-minors and maximum independent set

Wierman, John Johns Hopkins University

Upper Bounds for Bond Percolation Thresholds of Stacked Lattices

Wisby, Justin Florida International University

Domination in Token Graphs of Graph Families

Wong, Alexander ** University of Florida

Approximating Hipster Tree Growth Rates

Xie, Weiguo  University of Minnesota Duluth

An Enhanced Systematic Rotation Method for Coloring Plane Graphs

Yuan, Xiaofan Arizona State University

On Rainbow Thresholds

Zajchowski, Miro University of Minnesota Duluth

Super Edge Magic Deficiencies of Various Classes of Graphs

Zhang, Yufei  ** University of Notre Dame

Totally non-negativity of a family of change-of-basis matrices


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