56th Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory & Computing

March 3-7, 2025

Location and Parking

Parking for the 56th SEICCGTC Conference is FREE (Monday-Friday) if you park in LOT #16 located directly in front of the Student Union. 


When parking in LOT #16 (Monday-Friday), please park with the front tires of your vehicle touching the white parking stump. 

Do not park in spots with a red parking stump.  Do not back into a parking spot.


To park in any other parking lots/spaces on the Boca Raton Campus of FAU, you will need to obtain an ePermit.

To obtain a temporary ePermit please sign up at "Visitor Login"

Temporary ePermits

By purchasing a temporary ePermit you will be entitled to park in any of our blue lots.  To obtain a temporary ePermit please sign up at  "Visitor Login"

Prices are as follows:

  • Daily - $5
  • Weekly $15
  • Monthly $30


Meters and Metered Lots are available for visitors coming to our campus for short periods of time. You can pay the multispace meters at different locations around the campus. 

 All meters are enforced 24/7.

Multispace Meter Rates

(Cash NOT Accepted)

$2 per hour

(There are NO Refunds)


Only vehicles  without a FAU ePermit will be allowed to park at the meters.  If you have a problem with a meter please contact the office at 561-297-2771.

How to use a multispace meter.

Master Meter

  1. Note your license plate number. Press start key on the keypad to activate if blank.
  2. Press 1 to pay with credit card
  3. Enter license plate number
  4. Make Payment with credit card
  5. Please take receipt (Retain receipt in case you need to add time later.) Receipt does not need to be displayed.