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Attention All Undergraduate mathematics majors!

The Institute For Mathematical and Statistical Innovation will host the 3rd BRING MATH workshop will take place October 3-4, 2024.  The workshop will be hosted at Argonne National Laboratory and sponsored by IMSI.  Its purpose is to expose undergraduates to research in mathematics and statistics being done at Argonne and its connections with real world applications, and to educate them about  opportunities related to the mathematical sciences which are available to them, both during summers and longer term.  The workshop is also open to faculty who wish to accompany a group of students to the workshop.  Applications are due by June 28, 2024.  


The Thirteenth International Workshop on Coding and Cryptography (WCC, 2024)

June 17-21, 2024 in Perugia, Italy

See Call for papers and the Schedule HERE


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Math Clubs and Circles

Math Circle for Middle-School Students

In this newest addition to our Math Days program, faculty members meet one or two afternoons each month with local middle-school students and solve challenging mathematical problems together.


Math Circle for Teachers

The Gold Coast Math Teachers’ Circle (GCMTC) at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) endeavors to support teachers learning, enhancing and sharing content knowledge and instructional practices that bring rich mathematical exploration into our schools.

We facilitated a week-long summer workshop which gave teachers experience with and resources from some of the wealth of activities currently being led in many Math Teachers’ Circles nationally.

We are continually looking to understand teachers’ needs, facilitate their interaction with mathematicians, and support their development as mathematics educators and will continue this program with meetings.

The GCMTC at FAU will support teachers in their development of problem solving skills as well as the incorporation of problem solving into their teaching curriculum. During these  meetings, teachers will gain experience with a variety of problem solving techniques; subsequent sessions will focus on particular topics, such as geometry, sequences, counting, and number theory.


Math Club for FAU Students

A place for students at FAU to learn more about mathematics, and meet other students who share an interest and appreciation for mathematics. One can attend lectures discussing some fun topics and meetings where we just hang out and solve problems.

American Mathematical Society - Our Graduate Student AMS Chapter is designed to generate interest in the mathematical sciences and encourage students in their mathematical pursuits by providing them with new opportunities and experiences.