Crypto Café at FAU Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Our regular Crypto Café seminars take place every other Monday 10 am-11 am during the semester. We invite local and international experts on topics in Mathematics and Computer Science related to Cryptography and Information Security.

Come and join us for freshly brewed coffee and interesting conversations on the most exciting topics in cryptography.

Where: SE-43 (Charles E. Schmidt College of Science) - Room 215 and via Zoom

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Upcoming Presentations

Spring, 2024 Crypto Cafe Schedule:

February 26, 2024, 4:30 pm   +Zoom (click here)

Speaker: Dr. Lukas Koelsch, Assistant Professor, University of South Florida 

Title: A general and unifying construction for semifields and their related maximum rank distance codes

Abstract   : Semifields are algebraic structures that can be for instance used to construct nondesarguesian planes in finite geometry, as well as maximum rank distance (MRD) codes with special parameters (more precisely, every element in the code will be a square matrix with full rank). Many constructions of MRD codes are rooted in ideas from semifield theory. Interestingly, many known constructions of semifields only exist in even dimension (i.e. the dimension over the prime field is even), leading to MRD codes in even dimension or MRD codes in odd dimension over a field of even degree. In this talk, we present a unifying construction for almost all semifields of this type, including semifields found by Dickson, Knuth, Hughes-Kleinfeld, Taniguchi, Dempwolff, Bierbrauer, Zhou-Pott in the last 120 years. Our construction recovers all these semifields, and gives many new examples.


Recent Presentations

February 12, 2024, SE 43 - room 215, 10 am   +Zoom (click here)

Speaker: Merve Karabulut, Florida Atlantic University

Title: Number Theoretic Transform: A Python-based Speed Enhancement

Abstract: Our proposal involves a Python-based solution that utilizes Numba's just-in-time compilation capabilities. We aim to optimize the control flow of the Number Theoretic Transform (NTT) operation to exploit parallelism in modern CPUs. Our solution leverages multi-core processing, multi-threading, and cache memory.

Speaker biography: Merve is a computer engineering graduate from Yildiz Technical University, with experience in full-stack development and blockchain, especially with Hyperledger. At FAU, she is working towards a Ph.D., focusing on PQC with Dr. Reza Azarderakhsh. Her goal is to create secure solutions resistant to quantum computing and efficient implementation of algorithms.

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