Dr. Markus Schmidmeier

Dr. Rindy AndersonProfessor 
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Boca Raton - SE43, Room 272


Ph.D. in Mathematics, Munich University, 1996

Research Interests

Research Description 

Recent Publications

M. Kaniecki, J. Kosakowska and M. Schmidmeier, Operations on arc diagrams and degenerations for invariant subspaces of linear operators.   Part II, manuscript (2016), 29pp, arXiv.

 J. Kosakowska and M. Schmidmeier Finite direct sums of cyclic embeddings and an application to invariant subspace varieties, manuscript, 26pp (2016), arXiv.

 J. Kosakowska, M. Schmidmeier, and H. R. Thomas, Two Partial Orders for Littlewood-Richardson Tableaux, manuscript, 18pp (2015), arXiv.

 A. Moore and M. Schmidmeier, The Swiss Cheese Theorem for Linear Operators with Two Invariant Subspaces, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 143, 5097-5111, (2015), arXiv.

 J. Kosakowska and M. Schmidmeier, The Boundary of the Irreducible Components for Invariant Subspace Varieties, manuscript, 35 pp (2014), arXiv

Scholarly Activities

Guest Professor at Nicolaus Copernicus University,  Toruń:   May 2015

Visiting the Collaborative Research Center,  Bielefeld:   May-June 2016

Symposion on Enumerative Combinatorics,   Boca Raton,  April 4, 2014

Full list of publications: http://math.fau.edu/markus/research/publications.html

Full website: https://markusschmidmeier.net/