Dr. Dragan Radulovic

Dr. Rindy Anderson 


Department of Mathematical Sciences



Boca Raton - SE43, Room 282


Post-Doc 1999-2001, Princeton University-Applied Mathematics, Concentration: Mathematical models for Internet traffic, Supervisor: Dr. Ingrid Daubechies

Ph.D. 1991-1996 in Mathematics, University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut Concentration: Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics Thesis: "The Bootstrap for Empirical Processes Under Dependence" Advisor: Dr. Evarist Giné 

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Zagreb University, Zagreb, Croatia

Research Interests

Probability Theory

Mathematical Statistics

Data Science

U.S. Patents

2008 “System and method for analyzing a data stream C”  U.S. Patent Number  7 415 390 ,  (joint work with R. Hiller at Net Scaut )

2006 System and method for analyzing a data stream B”  U.S. Patent Number 7 133 808 , (joint work with R. Hiller at Net Scaut )

2006 “System and method for analyzing a data stream A” U.S. Patent Number  7 031,884, (joint work with R. Hiller at Net Scaut)

2002 Monitoring System Behavior Using Empirical Distributions and Cumulative Distribution Nors U.S. Patent Number 6,477,485 (Joint work with B. LaBarre-UTRC)

Recent Publications

2018 Weak convergence of stationary empirical processes.  D Radulović, M Wegkamp - Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference.

2017 Weak convergence of empirical copula processes indexed by functions. D Radulović, M Wegkamp, Y Zhao - Bernoulli.

2015 Asytpthotic Total variation Test for Copulas.  Fermanian , Radulovic, Wegkamp, Bernoulli.

2013 High Dimensional Central Limit Theorems.  D. Radulovic, M. Wegkamp, High Dimensional Probability Vol. 6  (2013).

2012 Direct Bootstrapping Technique and its Application to a Novel Goodness of Fit Test, Journal of Multivariate Analysis Volume 107, May 2012, Pages 181–199.

Molecular Biology/Biostatistics

2011 Genetic Variation Shapes Protein Networks Mainly through Non-transcriptional Mechanisms. E. Foss, D. Radulovic, et al.

2008 Comparison of a Label-free Quantitative Proteomics Method Based on Peptide Ion Current Area to the Isotope Coded  Affinity Tag Method in CancerInformatics 2008: 243-255, Soyong Ryu, and David R. Goodlett, Radulovic, D. et al. 

2007 Genetic basis of proteome variation in yeast, Dragan Radulovic, Eric J Foss, et al,  Nature-Genetics 39, 1369-1375(2007).

2007 MglA Regulates Francisella tularensis subsp novicida (Francisella novicida) Response to Starvation and Oxidative Stress, Tina Guina, Dragan Radulovic, et al.     Journal of Bacteriology , 2007, p. 6580-6586, Vol. 189, No. 18.

Scholarly Activities

Besides mathematics, I enjoy family time and sailing.

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