Dr. Lun-Ching Chang

Lun-Ching Chang

Associate Professor and Statistics Advisor

Department of Mathematical Sciences


Boca Raton - SE43, Room 222


  • Ph.D. in Biostatistics, University of Pittsburgh, 2014

Research Interests

I have a wide range of research interests related to Statistical Genetics, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Biostatistics. In methodological research, I focus on developing statistical method for Statistical Genetics (genotype calling and copy number variants detection) and meta-analysis of high-throughput data. In addition, I am also interest in collaborative research. I have many collaborative experience with researchers in different area such as clinical trial, psychiatry, computational biology and genetics.

Research Description

  • Statistical Genetics
    • Genotype calling method in sequencing data
    • Copy number variants (CNVs) in whole exome sequencing (WES)
    • Exon deletion in whole exome, whole genome and RNA-Seq
  • Meta-analysis
    • Meta-analysis of P-value combination and clustering analysis in microarray data set
    • Integrative-omics study of SNP-array, methylation and gene expression
  • Collaborative research
    • Clinical trial
    • Psychiatry (major depressive disorder, aging)

Recent Publications

  • Chang, L.C., Das, B., Lih, C.J., Si, H., Camalier, C.E., McGregor III, P.M. and Polley, E., 2016. RefCNV: Identification of Gene-Based Copy Number Variants Using Whole Exome Sequencing. Cancer informatics15, p.65.

  • Chang, L.C., Li, B., Fang, Z., Vrieze, S., McGue, M., Iacono, W.G., Tseng, G.C. and Chen, W., 2016. A computational method for genotype calling in family-based sequencing data. BMC bioinformatics17(1), p.1.

  • Chang, L.C., Jamain, S., Lin, C.W., Rujescu, D., Tseng, G.C. and Sibille, E., 2014. A conserved BDNF, glutamate-and GABA-enriched gene module related to human depression identified by coexpression meta-analysis and DNA variant genome-wide association studies. PloS one9(3), p.e90980.

  • Chang, L.C., Lin, H.M., Sibille, E. and Tseng, G.C., 2013. Meta-analysis methods for combining multiple expression profiles: comparisons, statistical characterization and an application guideline. BMC bioinformatics14(1), p.1.
  • Wang, X., Kang, D.D., Shen, K., Song, C., Lu, S., Chang, L.C., Liao, S.G., Huo, Z., Tang, S., Ding, Y. and Kaminski, N., 2012. An R package suite for microarray meta-analysis in quality control, differentially expressed gene analysis and pathway enrichment detection. Bioinformatics28(19), pp.2534-2536.






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New Year's Eve with my wife, 42nd Street at Time Square, New York.

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Indoor Climbing, 2016.
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U.S. Open, 2016.