Mathematical Sciences Alumnus Named University of Montenegro President

May 2021

Alumnus, Vladimir Bozovic, Ph.D., was named the Acting Rector/President of the University of Montenegro. Bozovic earned his Ph.D. from the Department of Mathematical Sciences in 2008 under the direction of professor Spyros Magliveras, Ph.D. Bosovic’s mathematical research interests include graphs and graph theory, discrete mathematics, combinatorics, and pure mathematics. Professor Magliveras remarks that Bosovic was an outstanding student, and wrote a letter of recommendation about the former pupil.

“Dr. Bozovic’s doctoral work deals with a number of new results regarding factorizations of groups, with emphasis on the non-abelian case. He introduces a novel technique involving certain objects which he calls free mappings. By applying a certain group action on the blocks of the factorization, he is able to note and resolve a number of algebraic, combinatorial and computational problems related to the factorizations. Such factorizations, also known as logarithmic signatures, are very important in the context of cryptography, and a number of cryptographic primitives have been constructed in the last decade using logarithmic signatures.”

Another significant contribution of Acting Rector Bosovic’s was his joint research with colleagues on the security of biometric information. Bosovic and co-authors proposed a unique, effective, and revolutionary method for securing biometric data when all previous methods had probably failed to protect such critical data. 

Professor Magliveras goes on to say, “Dr. Bozovic is an excellent teacher and loves teaching. During his time at FAU, he was dedicated and unselfishly gave his time to his students. He lectures with enthusiasm and clarity and presents technical and abstract material in a way that was easily assimilated by his students. He is of excellent character, pleasant personality, and of cooperative disposition.”

Congratulations to the University of Montenegro’s new Acting Rector/President Vladimir Bozovic, Ph.D.! The FAU Department of Mathematical Sciences could not be more proud of your well deserved accomplishments.