nicole abreu

Undergraduate Student Spotlight: Nicole Abreu

November, 2021

Nicole Abreu is an undergraduate student pursuing a B.S. in Mathematics and a Minor in Political Science. Learn about why she chose mathematics at FAU, her recent visit to the Florida Capitol during FAU Day, and more.

Why did you decide to major in Mathematics at FAU?

When I first came to FAU, I was a part of the ROTC program. I decided that I would like to major in something I would really enjoy as being a student interested in the military. I really enjoy mathematics and have learned that a degree in Mathematics opens a whole world of opportunities to me. 

What are your plans after you graduate?

I am planning to continue my studies in Mathematics here at FAU.  I would like to pursue a master’s degree with a focus in algebra and pure mathematics. I have learned that a degree in mathematics will create many possibilities in my areas of interest that include political science, positions within the federal government, the military, and in foreign affairs. 

What is your dream career after you graduate?

I would like to work for the federal government developing statistical models and predicting trends possibly in the economy. It is too soon to tell at this point as it really depends on what kinds of projects I will be working on once I get there. I am also very interested using my mathematical skills and knowledge of political science to potentially work in foreign affairs.

What kinds of interesting projects are you currently working on?

As a member of the Diplomacy Program offered in the Department of Political Science here at FAU, I will travel with approximately 80 other students from FAU to Washington D.C. on Thursday, November 4, to compete in the National Model United Nations conference. During our four day stay, I, along with all of the other students from FAU, will represent our assigned countries and work together to create solutions for real world issues.

What other opportunities has FAU offered you to realize your passion and build experience related to your career aspirations?

When I was a new student here at FAU, I wanted to find ways to make an impact on the FAU community. Early on, I learned about FAU’s Student Government and decided to join the House of Representatives, a branch of FAU’s Student Government. I was eager to begin and took a position as the Secretary. In this capacity, I kept records of all meetings and business. Currently, I am the Parliamentarian and am working on a project to paint a mural on campus depicting school pride and social justice and inclusivity during the 2022 spring semester.  

As a member of the Student Government, I also learned about FAU Day at the Florida Capitol. FAU Day is where students travel to the Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee to lobby representatives and Senators to support a wide variety of FAU’s legislative priorities.  

What was your mission and reason for your visit to the Florida State Capitol on FAU Day?

I, with approximately 20 other FAU students, went to Tallahassee on October 16 to attend FAU Day at the Capitol. I was especially interested in taking this opportunity to attend FAU Day, and to support FAU’s legislative priority to heighten FAU's reputation in AI/data research.  

During my visit, I met with Representative Evan Jenne, who is a co-house minority leader in the Florida House of Representatives. I met with him to request funding to develop a health sciences training and research facility. Representative Jenne was happy to tell me that he has interest in Artificial Intelligence and loves FAU. He explained that he is very supportive of the project and would vote for funding.

I also met with Senator Shevrin Jones, Senator Bobby Powell, and Representative Marie Paule Woodson. I shared with each of them the proposal for the health sciences training and research facility. They, too, are very supportive of this initiative and vowed to support the funding.  Representative Woodson mentioned that she is interested in working with other institutions of higher education in the state of Florida to address student housing. She mentioned that she would like to hold a forum for students around the state to address student housing issues and begin to develop solutions. 

The FAU visiting team had a wonderful tour of Senate Chambers housed in the State Capitol Building. The beauty of the State’s chambers reflects the beauty of the democratic process.  We learned about the newest and latest technology integrated in the chambers. I sat in Bobby Powell’s seat and then met him later on that day!
After meeting the representatives and senators in Tallahassee, it was quite apparent that many of our state representatives really do care about our state and Florida’s higher education system. It was really refreshing to see. My time in Tallahassee at FAU Day inspires me even more to continue my dreams and aspirations to put my mathematical skills to work in the federal government.