Roger Goldwyn

Best Wishes to Roger Goldwyn upon his Retirement from FAU

August, 2022

Congratulations, Dr. Roger Goldwyn on your retirement from The Department of Mathematical Sciences at Florida Atlantic University! Please join us in extending best wishes to Dr. Roger Goldwyn, who has officially retired from Florida Atlantic University as of August, 2022. He is a highly respected faculty member in the Department of Mathematical Sciences for 20 years.

Dr. Goldwyn earned a degree in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University. After receiving his Ph.D., Dr Goldwyn took a teaching position at Rice University for one year, and shortly thereafter, took a position as a systems engineer at IBM Yorktown Heights in upstate New York. There, he began his research in artificial intelligence and served in high-level management positions overseeing AI at IBM in New York. He moved to IBM, Boca Raton in the 1990’s to work in the areas of AI and speech recognition and processing.

In 2002, Dr. Goldwyn took a faculty position in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Florida Atlantic University and has been an outstanding professor teaching algebra and calculus courses. He has conducted research in many areas, but has focused his recent studies on the predictors of success in introductory math courses for non-math majors.

His research interests include systems theory, biomedical data processing, complex data analysis, transform theory, perturbation theory and speech recognition and processing. He has served as the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Mathematical Sciences and as the Director of the Math Learning Center for 10 years. Over the years, Dr. Goldwyn has been a devoted professor and friend to all. He will be greatly missed by many. He will be retiring in Palm Beach County with his wife. Faculty members came together to commemorate Dr. Goldwyn’s years of service via Zoom and in person on August 19, 2022.