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FAU Quality Enhancement Plan Proposal from Department of Mathematical Sciences Leadership Selected 

From the Office of the Provost

As part of FAU’s SACSCCOC reaffirmation for 2024, the university is required to develop a new Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). The Provost’s Office appointed members for a QEP Topic Selection Committee to steer the process.  A total of 10 proposals were generated, with three finalists who developed full proposals and presented their plans to the university community in April.
The proposal selected to be FAU’s next QEP topic was “LeArning Reimagined: Expanding the Learning Assistant (LA) Model across the Curriculum to Transform Teaching through Student-Centered Collaborative Learning.
The proposal was developed by Brittanney Adelmann, Ph.D., director of the Math Learning Center, Jennifer Bebergal, Ph.D., associate dean for Retention and Academic Support, and J. Mireles James, Ph.D., associate professor of mathematics.
Some of the strengths of this proposal include:

  • Faculty support from across the university
  • Builds on an already successful program in mathematics and chemistry, which has led to substantially improved pass rates in historically difficult courses
  • A sharp focus on support for students from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Synergies with students and faculty revolving around effective teaching practices
  • Enables faculty to focus on areas that need reinforcement with students
  • Provides employment to students as learning assistants, enabling them to reside on campus and continue through graduation.

Click here for more information on the selection process and the selected proposal.