Binod Rimal

Ph.D. Student Spotlight: Binod Rimal

July, 2022

Charles E. Schmidt College of Science Mathematics Ph.D. candidate Binod Rimal joined the department in the Fall of 2014. This summer, Rimal will receive a Ph.D. in Mathematics with a concentration in machine learning and statistics.

What are your research interests?

Deep neural networks, time-series analysis, probability distribution, statistical modeling, compressed sensing, genetic algorithm and agent-based global optimization.

What are your past/current research projects?

After passing both qualifying exams (analysis and algebra) in Fall 2015, I started taking courses in statistics. Then, I started researching a statistical model and probability distribution. I worked on generalized Cauchy distribution and published a paper in a peer-reviewed journal. During that period, I also studied the zero-inflated model. In 2019, I met Dr. William Hahn during his talk on machine learning. I found the machine learning field to be very interesting, and I started working with him on deep learning models. I worked on a short-term memory model for stock price prediction and published a paper in a peer-reviewed journal. I am also preparing a manuscript on the classification of compressed time-series data with random projection using LSTM. Currently, I am working on hybrid deep learning models with Stochastic gradient descent and simulated annealing.

What’s life like at FAU?

Living in a beautiful place close to the beach, lots of grocery stores and shopping malls and studying in one of the diverse universities is the perfect combo for student life.

What attracted you to FAU?

The FAU Mathematics Department has very supportive faculty and staff. The department also offers a program in statistics, data science and machine learning. Dr. William Hahn has established his own high computing lab, the Rubin and Cindy Gruber Sandbox. It provides a great opportunity for students to collaborate on research and share innovative ideas in a multi-disciplinary, state-of-the-art artificial intelligence lab.

What has been the most beneficial aspect of your time here at FAU?

The Math Department is a second home for me. Every faculty member is like a family member. You will get support, care and guidance whenever you need it.

What are your plans for after graduation?

My career goal is to be an influential educator in statistics, data science and machine learning. Project-based, active teaching and learning is my key to effective teaching. After applying for multiple assistant professor positions in statistics and data science and numerous interviews, I accepted an offer from the University of Tampa as an assistant professor of data science.