Adam Zaidan Undergraduate Student Spotlight

Name: Adam ZaidanZaidan Adam
Degree Program: BS in Mathematics
Expected date/year of graduation: May 2024
Research interests: dynamics, computer-assisted proofs in analysis, and PDE

How did you come to choose FAU to pursue a degree in math at FAU?
I initially chose FAU because FAU High School allowed me to take advanced math classes starting from 9th grade. I realized that the faculty was all top-notch, and FAU was abundant with opportunities for growth; this solidified my choice to get my math degree here. Thanks to these opportunities, I will graduate with my bachelor's degree at 17 years old and start graduate school next year.

What attracted you to math? Why FAU?
When I was younger, I was drawn to math by the pretty symbols. I found the esoteric symbols fascinating, so I was motivated to study math to find out what they meant. As I spent more time doing math, I realized how ubiquitous it was in the real world and how rewarding proving a hard theorem felt. I also really like the social aspect of mathematics - doing math with others is way more exciting - and FAU has given me many opportunities to develop close relationships with professors and students.

Who are the faculty members that were most instrumental in guiding you in your research and your degree at FAU?
There were three who were most instrumental. My research advisor, Dr. Mireles-James, has been guiding my research for a year and a half. Through this experience, I have learned a lot about the research process and have been given opportunities for research, travel, and funding. Dr. Locke has also helped me many times in his capacity as chair and professor by allowing me to take any of the graduate courses I want while having them count towards my graduate degree. Without him, I would not have been able to advance as quickly as I have. Dr. Lubarsky was instrumental early in my degree; he was the first professor I met at FAU, and he would often sit with me in his office hours and discuss math way beyond the course I was taking.

What kinds of experiences (meetings, conferences, peer led symposiums, travels, opportunities for internal and external networking, etc…)
Last summer, through the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, I got $4,000 in funding from FAU to work on my research with Dr. Mireles-James. This included a stipend and some travel money, which we will use on a trip to Georgia Tech to meet Alex Blumenthal and present research. I also have conference presentations lined up. I have also had the opportunity to meet many people outside of FAU, including a mathematician from Brown University and another from McGill.

Have you met life-long friends and colleagues here?
Yes, I've met many great friends and colleagues! The dynamical systems group at FAU is very close; we often help each other when stuck on problems and go out to pizza. I have also made friends through the FAU Math Club, which is a great place to find people who are passionate about math for math majors and non-math majors alike!

What will you do post-graduation?
I plan on pursuing my Ph.D. afterward. I am applying to several places, including FAU. My end goal is to become a professional mathematician.

What clubs or leadership activities are you involved in at FAU?
For the past year and a half, I have been the president of the FAU Math Club. I have presented and organized several events, including a Pi day celebration and research talks.