Where are they now? 

Floyd Johnson

Floyd Johnson, Ph.D. 

Dissertation title:  Selected Topics in Quantum and Post-Quantum Cryptography
Co-Advisors:  Shi Bai (The Australian National University, 2012) & Rainer Steinwandt (Karlsruhe, 2000).

Dr. Floyd Johnson is emploed at Apogee Research LLC.  Floyd is currently working on projects for the DOD and intelligence communities, and on projects from DARPA.

Shaun Miller

Shaun Miller, Ph.D.

Dissertation title:  Algorithms in Lattice-Based Cryptanalysis
Advisor:  Shi Bai (The Australian National University, 2012) & Rainer Steinwandt (Karlsruhe, 2000)

Dr. Shaun Miller is currently employed at Software Engineer at Enfuse.io.  Shaun has a knack for solving tough problems which has led Shaun to be a proficient frontend developer. He prefers a functional approach in JavaScript but is no stranger to object-oriented languages. As a former researcher of cryptography, his first exposure to serious development involved using high-level programming languages such as C++. Eventually, the research sparked his interest in data-modeling and backend development using Flask and Spring frameworks. He now develops full-stack applications using React and Spring in a variety of applications including pharmaceuticals and supply chain. Outside of work Shaun will probably be at his desk playing the latest Call or Duty or reluctantly stepping outside to go for a run.

Hai Pahm

Hai Pahm, Ph.D.

Dissertation title: Contributions to Quantum-Safe Cryptography: Hybrid Encryption and Reducing the T Gate of AES
Advisor:  Rainer Steinwandt ((Karlsruhe, 2000)


Aaron Hutchinson

Aaron Hutchinson, Ph.D.

Dissertation title:  lgorithms in Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Advisor:  Koray Karabina (University of Waterloo, 2010)

Dr. Aaron Hutchinson is a softward engineer at SiFive in Berkeley, CA


Angela Robinson Angela Robinson, Ph.D.

Dissertation title:  Biometric Visual Authentication and Quantum Resistance, A Formal Study.
Advisor:  Rainer Steinwandt (Karlsruhe, 2000)

Dr. Angela Robinson graduated with a Ph. D. in Spring, 2018. This is her most recent story about her work in cryptography since going on after her studies here at Florida Atlantic University. Read more.


Brandon Langenberg

Brandon Langenberg, Ph.D.

Dissertation title:  Quantum Circuits for Symmetric Cryptanalysis
Advisor:  Rainer Steinwandt (Karlsruhe, 2000)
Dr. Brandon Langenberg is working at PQSecure Technologies, LLC in Boca Raton, Florida in the fields of Quantum-Resistant Cryptography and Defense Market. 

Brittaney AmentoBrittaney Amento, Ph.D.

Dissertation title:  Quantum Circuits for Cryptanalysis
Advisor:  Rainer Steinwandt (Karlsruhe, 2000)
Dr. Brittaney Amento is currently working at Florida Atlantic University as the Director of the Math Learning Center.  

Parshuram Budhathoki

Parshuram Budhathoki, Ph.D.

Dissertation title: Elliptic Curves: Identity-Based Signing and Quantum Arithmetic
Advisor:  Rainer Steinwandt (Karlsruhe, 2000)
Dr. Parshuram Budhathoki is currently working as an Assistant Professor at Broward College in Fort Lauderdale, and is teaching mathematics.

Biometric Invention to Enhance Data SecurityBiometric Invention to Enhance Data Security

The Office of Technology Development recently filed a utility patent application for an invention that addresses the problem of biometric data protection at different stages of collection, using simple and intuitive transformation techniques to enhance overall data security and resistance to fraud. Read More.


Dr. Rainer SteinwandtDr. Rainer Steinwandt Awarded 2018 NATO Science for Peace and Security Partnership Prize

FAU’s Dr. Rainer Steinwandt was awarded the  2018 NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Partnership Prize  at the NATO SPS program’s 60th anniversary on November 29, 2018.

Read more.