Ph.D. Dissertations in Mathematics

(2024) Dominic Gold

Privacy-Preserving Topological Data Analysis Using Homomorphic Encryption
Advisor: Dr. Francis Motta (Colorado State University, 2014)

(2024) Sulani Thakshila

Lattice Signatures Based on Module-NTRU
Co-Advisors: Dr. Shi Bai (The Australian National University, 2012)  and Dr. Koray Karabina (University of Waterloo, 2010)

(2024) Albert Madinya

The Spaces of Minimal Prime Elements of Algebraic Frames Without FIP
Advisor: Dr. Papiya Bhattacharjee ( Bowling Green State University, 2009)

(2023) Amish Mishra

Topological Data Analysis for Data Science: The Delaunay-Rips Complex, Triangulation Stabilities, and Protein Stability Predictions
Advisor:  Dr. Francis Motta (Colorado State University, 2014)

(2023) David Urizar 

Angular Rigidity Theory in Planar Frameworks 
Advisor: Dr. Zvi Rosen (University of California, Berkeley, 2015)  

(2023) Harsha Nawarathna 

Integral Input-to-Output Stability Analysis for Nonlinear Systems with Time Delays 
Advisor: Dr. Yuan Wang (Rutgers University, 1990) 

(2023) Bishal Dhakal 

Solving V.I. Arnold's Problem about Asymptotic Enumeration of Morse Functions on the 2-Sphere: A Combinatorial and Analytic Approach with Computer Assisted Proofs  Co-Advisors: Dr. Jason Mireles-James (University of Texas, Austin, 2009) and Dr. Erik Lundberg (University of South Florida, 2011)

(2022) Floyd Johnson

Selected Topics in Quantum and Post-Quantum Cryptography
Co-Advisors:  Shi Bai (The Australian National University, 2012) & Rainer Steinwandt (Karlsruhe, 2000)

(2022) Duval Zephirin 

Optimal Portfolio for the Informed Investor in Mispriced Lévy Market with Stochastic Volatility and Power Utility.
Advisor: Dr. Hongwei Long, University of Warwick, England, 1998

(2022) Bikram Bhusal

Stability Analysis and Parameter Estimation of a Stochastic Logistic Growth Model with Multiplicative Alpha-Stable Lévy Noise.
Advisor: Dr. Hongwei Long; University of Warwick, England. 1998

(2022) Binod Rimal

Financial Time-series Analysis with Deep Neural Networks 
Advisor: Dr. William Hahn, Florida Atlantic University, 2016

(2022) Archana Timsina

Identifiability Analysis and Optimal Control of Infectious Diseases Epidemics and Parameterization Method for (Un)Stable Manifolds of Implicitly Defined Dynamical Systems.  Co-Advisors: Dr. Necibe Tuncer (Auburn University 2007), and Dr. Jason Mireles-James (University of Texas, Austin 2009)

(2022) Sean Perry

Dissertation Title: On the Image Counting Problem from Gravitational Lensing,   Advisor: Dr. Erik Lundberg (University of South Florida, 2011)

(2021) Emmanuel Fleurantin

Formation, Evolution, and Breakdown of Invariant Tori in Dissipative Systems: from Visualization to Computer Assisted Proofs,
Advisor:  Dr. Jason Mireles-James (University of Texas, Austin 2009)

(2021) Maxime Murray

Homoclinic Dynamics in a Spatial Restricted Four Body Problem, Dr. Jason Mireles-James (University of Texas, Austin 2009)

(2021) Jessica Khera 

Lonesum Matrices and Acyclic Orientations: Enumeration and Asymptotics. Dr. Erik Lundberg (University of South Florida, 2011)

(2020) Alexandra Epstein     

Annihilators and A+B Rings, Lee Klingler (Wisconsin 1984)

(2020) Sunil Giri

Infection Age Structured Vector Borne Disease Model with Direct Transmission,  Necibe Tuncer (Auburn University 2007)

(2020) Shaun Miller

Algorithms in Lattice-Based Cryptanalysis, Shi Bai (The Australian National University, 2012) & Rainer Steinwandt (Karlsruhe, 2000)

(2020) Jorge Gonzalez

Accurate High Order Computation of Invariant Manifolds for Long periodic Orbits of Maps and Equilibrium State of PDE,  Jason Mireles-James (University of Texas, Austin 2009) & Necibe Tuncer (Auburn University 2007)

(2020) Cory Ball

The Change Point Problem for Two Classes of Stochastic Processes, Hongwei Long  (Warick, 1997)

(2019) Omar Babun Codorniu

Characterization of Linear Isometries on Complex Sequence Spaces, Xiao-Dong Zhang (California Institue of Technology, 1991)

(2019) Sher Chhetri

Parameter Estimation for Geometric Levy Processes with Stochastic Volatility, Hongwei Long (Warick, 1997)

(2019) Hai Pham

Contributions to Quantum-Safe Cryptography: Hybrid Encryption and Reducing the T Gate of AES. Rainer Steinwandt ((Karlsruhe, 2000)

(2019) Akeel Omairi

H-Local Rings, Lee Klingler (Wisconsin, 1984)

(2019) Michael Epstein

The Covering Numbers of Some Finite Simple Groups Spyros Magliveras (Birmingham, 1970)

(2019) Oscar Lopez

An Algorithmic Approach to Tran Van Trung's Basic Recursive Construction of t-Designs, Spyros Magliveras (Birmingham, 1970)

(2019) Yarema Boryshchak

Norm Inequalities for the Fourier Coefficients of Some Almost Periodic Functions, Yoram Sagher  (The University of Chicago, 1967)

(2018) Aaron Hutchinson

Algorithms in Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Koray Karabina (University of Waterloo, 2010)

(2018) Zachriah Tyree

Characterizing the Geometry of a Rnadom Point Cloud, Erik Lundberg (University of South Florida, 2011)

(2018) Durga Hari Kutal

Various Approaches on Parameter Estimation in Mixture and Non-mixture Cure Models, Lianfen Qian (Michigan State University, 1996)

(2018) Angela Robinson

Biometric Visual Authentication and Quantum Resistance, A Formal Study, Rainer Steinwandt (Karlsruhe, 2000)

(2018) Jean Joseph

A Constructive Theory of Ordered Sets and their Completions, Fred Richman (Chicago, 1963)

(2018) Brandon Langenberg

Quantum Circuits for Symmetric Cryptanalysis, Rainer Steinwandt (Karlsruhe, 2000)

(2017) Shane Kepley

The Circular Restricted Four Body Problem is Non-Integrable: A Computer-Assisted Proof, William D. Kalies (Cornell, 1994) & J.D. Mireles-James (University of Texas, Austin, 2009)

(2017) Andrew Thomack

Random Harmonic Polynomials, Erik Lundberg (University of South Florida, 2011)
(2017) Hasala Senpathy Gallolu Kankanamalage

Output Stability Analysis for Nonlinear Systems with Time Delays, Yuan Wang (Rutgers University, 1990)


(2016) Michael Hurley

New Geometric Large Sets, Spyros Magliveras (Birmingham, 1970)

(2016) Bal Khadka

Techniques in Lattice Basis Reduction, Spyros Magliveras (Birmingham, 1970)

(2016) Dinesh Kasti

An Algorithmic Approach to the Lattice Structures of Attractors and Lyapunuv Functions, William Kalies (Cornel,l 1994)

(2016) Brittanney Amento

Quantum Circuits for Cryptanalysis, Rainer Steinwandt (Karlsruhe, 2000)

(2016) Marcus Fontaine

Nonlinear Phenomena from a Reinjected Horseshoe, William Kalies (Cornel,l 1994)

(2016) Vermont Rutherfoord

Negligible Variation, Change of Variable, and a Smooth Analog of the Hobby-Rice Theorem, Yoram Sagher (The University of Chicago, 1967)

(2015) Stephen Ippolito

Kicks and Maps: A More Realistic Approach to Modeling Biological Systems, Vincent Naudot (Dijon-France, 1996)

(2015) Madhav Sharma

Maximally Prüfer Rings, Lee Klingler (Wisconsin, 1984)

(2015) Krishna Thapa Magar

Low rank transitive representations, primitive extensions, and the collision problem in PSL(2,q), Spyros Magliveras (Birmingham, 1970)

(2015) Yang Yang

Stability Analysis For Singularly Perturbed Systems With Time-Delays, Yuan Wang (Rutgers University, 1990)

(2014) Stepan Grigoriev

General Monotonicity, Interpolation of Operators, and ApplicationsYoram Sagher (The University of Chicago, 1967)

(2014) Chenchu Gottipati

Graph Labeling and Non-Separating TreesStephen C. Locke (Waterloo, 1982)

(2014) Parshuram Budhathoki

Elliptic Curves: Identity-Based Signing and Quantum ArithmeticRainer Steinwandt (Karlsruhe, 2000)

(2014) Ronald Adams

Curve Shortening in Second-Order Lagrangian SystemsWilliam Kalies (Cornell, 1994)

(2014) Wei Zhang

Detection of Multiple Change-Points in Hazard Models, Lianfen Qian (Michigan State University, 1996)

(2013) Drake Harmon

A Class of Rational Surfaces with A Non-Rational Singulartity Explicitly Given by A Single Equation, Timothy Ford (Colorado State Universit,y 1980)

(2013) Emre Kolotoglu

Construction of Combinatorial Designs with Prescrubed Automorphism Groups, Spyros Magliveras (Birmingham, 1970)

(2012) Yuri Villanueva

Rings of Integer-Valued Polynomials and Derivatives, Lee Klingler (Wisconsin, 1984)

(2012) Nicola Pace

Coset Intersection Problem and Application to 3-Nets, Spyros Magliveras (Birmingham 1970) and Gabor Korchmaros (University of Budapes,t 1972)

(2012) Leonardo Kosloff

On the Laplacian and Fractional Laplacian in Exterior Domains, and Applications to the Dissipative Quasi-Geostrophic Equation, Tomas Schonbek (MIT, 1970)

(2012) Fazhe Chang

AUC Estimation Under Various Survival Models, Lianfen Qian (Michigan State University, 1996)

(2012) Djordje Bulj

A Study of Divisors and Algebras on a Double Cover of Affine Plane, Timothy Ford (Colorado State University, 1980)

(2012) Cheban Acharya

On the Spectrum of Positive Operators, Xiao-Dong Zhang (California Institue of Technology, 1991)

(2012) Radleigh Santos

A Novel Optimization Algorithm and Other Techniques in Medicinal Chemistry, Dragan Radulovic (University of Connecticut, 1996)

(2012) Kashi Neupane

Design and Analysis of Key Establishment Protocols, Rainer Steinwandt (Karlsruh,e 2000)

(2012) Shanaz Tiwari

Stability Analysis for Nonlinear Systems with Time-Delays, Yuan Wang (Rutgers University, 1990)

(2012) Weizheng Gao

Password-Authenticated Two-Party Key Exchange with Long-Term Security, Rainer Steinwandt (Karlsruhe, 2000)

(2011) Amalya Mihnea

Permutation-Based Data Compression, Fredrick Hoffman (University of Virginia, 1964)

(2011) Zhihua Liu

Empirical Likelihood Method for Segmented Linear Regression, Lianfen Qian (Michigan State University, 1996)

(2011) Shanzhen Gao

The Enumeration of Lattice Paths and Walk, Heinrich Niederhausen (Technical University of Graz, 1978)

(2011) Nikhil Singhi

The Existence of Minimal Logarithmic Signatures for Classical Groups, Spyros Magliveras (Birmingham, 1970)

(2011) Nidhi Singhi

On the Minimal Logarithmic Signature Conjecture, Spyros Magliveras (Birmingham, 1970)

(2011) Shaun Sullivan

Multivariate Finite Operator Calculus Applied To Counting Ballot Paths Containing Patterns, Heinrich Niederhausen (Technical University of Graz, 1978)

(2010) Ivana Ilic

The Discrete Logarithm Problem in Non-Abelian Groups, Spyros Magliveras (Birmingham, 1970)

(2010) Kenneth Matheis

An Algebraic Attack on Block Ciphers, Spyros Magliveras (Birmingham 1970) and Rainer Steinwandt (Karlsruhe, 2000)

(2010) Basak Ay

Unique Decomposition of Direct Sums of Ideals, Lee Klingler (Wisconsin, 1984)

(2010) Cafer Caliskan

On Projective Planes, Spyros Magliveras (Birmingham, 1970)

(2009) Madeline Gonzalez

Cryptography in the Presence of Key-Dependent Messages, Rainer Steinwandt (Karlsruhe, 2000)

(2009) Sandun Perera

Stochastic Optimal Impulse Control of Jump Diffusions with Application to Exchange Rates, Hongwei Long (Warick, 1997)

(2009) Mario Marshall

Polynomials that are Integer-valued on the Image of an Integer-valued Polynomial, Lee Klingler (Wisconsin, 1984)

(2009) Audrey Moore

Auslander-Reiten Theory for Systems of Submodule Embeddings, Marcus Schmidmeier (Munich, 1996)

(2009) Viktoria Villanyi

Signature Schemes in Single and Multi-User Settings, Rainer Steinwandt (Karlsruhe, 2000)

(2009) Winston Buckley

Asymmetric Information in Fads Models in Levy Markets, Hongwei Long (Warick, 1997)

(2009) Marcela Chiorescu

Minimal Zero-Dimensional Extensions, Fred Richman (Chicago, 1963)

(2009) Eva Kasprikova

Higher-Order Commutators in the Method of Orbits, Mario Milman (Australian National, 1978)

(2009) Mary Hopkins

Weakly Integrally Closed Monoids and Forbidden Patterns, Fred Richman (Chicago 1963) and James Brewer (Florida State, 1968)

(2008) Mark Wess

Computing Topological Dynamics from Time Series, William Kalies (Cornell, 1994)

(2008) Vladimir Bozovic

Algebraic and Combinatorial Aspects of Group Factorizations, Spyros Magliveras (Birmingham, 1970)

(2007) Jan Kalis

Sobolev Inequalities, Mario Milman (Australian National, 1978)

(2006) Michal Sramka

New Results in Group Theoretic Cryptology, Spyros Magliveras (Birmingham, 1970)

(2006) Hyunju Ban

Computing Global Decompositions of Dynamical Systems, William Kalies (Cornell, 1994)

(2006) Jason Boynton

Integer-valued Polynomials and Pullbacks of Arithmetical Rings, Lee Klingler (Wisconsin, 1984)

(2005) Katherine Humphreys

Enumeration of Lattice Paths using Finite Operator Calculus, Heinrich Niederhausen (Technical University of Graz, 1978)

(2005) Ayan Mahalanobis

Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Protocol, its Generalization and Nilpotent Groups, Spyros Magliveras (Birmingham, 1970)

(2002) Marien Abreu

Some Connectivity Conditions and Their Implications, Stephen C. Locke (Waterloo, 1982)

(1998) Mark V. Barovich

Long paths and cycles in graphs with large minimum degree, Stephen C. Locke (Waterloo, 1982)

(1996) Katarzyna Winkowska-Nowak

On Boolean algebras and their role in analysis, Helmut H. Schaefer (Leipzig, 1951)

(1996) Zhen Zhou

Decay for time-dependent Schrodinger equations, Tomas Schonbek (MIT, 1970)

(1995) Bernd R. Fischer

On the geometric quantization of symplectic Lie-group actions, Franklin E. Schroeck, Jr. (Rochester, 1971)

(1993) Thomas Beatty

Sequential topologies and their application to a new class of locally convex spaces, Helmut H. Schaefer (Leipzig, 1951)

(1992) Hermine Engels

On the bidual of K(X) and the Riesz representation theorem, Helmut H. Schaefer (Leipzig, 1951)