Logical Foundations in Computer Science Conference 2020

The seventh Logical Foundations in Computer Science Conference (LFCS) was held from January 4-7, 2020 at the Wyndham in Deerfield Beach. One of the highlights of this year’s meeting was the special session on Jeff Remmel and Gerald Sacks, both of whom passed away recently, with speakers Anil Nerode, Victor Marek, Valentina Harizanov, Douglas Cenzer, and Nick Loehr. Noteworthy was also the round-table discussion, which was opened by Carl Hewitt, and included discussion of political, organizational, and financial influences on the field. The guests got to experience what the region has to offer, with an outing to the Morikami Gardens, a banquet in a local French restaurant, the hotel location right by the beach, and good weather throughout.