Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Advising Ph.D. Students

Yuganthi Liyanage Yuganthi Liyanage Fall 2021 – Present

Research Interest: Structural and practical identifiability analysis of  multiscale in fectious disease models.


  1. Gerardo Chowell, Sushma Dahal, Yuganthi Liyanage, Amna Tariq, Necibe Tuncer, “Structural identifiability analysis of epidemic models based on differential equations: A tutorial based primer,” to appear at Journal of Mathematical Biology, (2023).
  2. Archana Timsina, Yuganthi Liyanage, Necibe Tuncer, Maia Martcheva “Determining r eliable parameters for within-host model of HIV and nutrition,” submitted, (2023).
  3. Nora Heitzman-Breen, Yuganthi R. Liyanage, Nisha Dugal, Necibe Tuncer, Stanca Ciupe, “The effect of model structure and data availability on multiscale model prediction - Usut virus case study,” submitted, (2023).
  4. Yuganthi R. Liyanage, Nora Heitzman-Breen, Necibe Tuncer, Stanca Ciupe, “Review- Structural and practical identifiability of acute viral Infection models,” in progress, (2023).
  5. Yuganthi R. Liyanage, Gerardo Chowell, Necibe Tuncer “Structural and practical identifiability of generalized growth models,” in progress, (2023).

Leila Mirsaleh Kohan

Leila Mirsaleh Kohan Summer 2022 – Present
Research Interest: Learning immunological and epidemiological dynamics from time-series data. Identifiability analysis of multiscale infectious disease models.

  1. Yuganthi R. Liyanage, Leila Mirsaleh Kohan, Necibe Tuncer “Identifiability analysis of multiscale HIV models,”in progress, (2023).

Archana Neupane Timsina

Archana Neupane Timsina Fall 2019 – Summer 2022
Dissertation Title: Identifiability Analysis and Optima Control of Infectious Diseases and Parametrization Method for (Un)Stable Manifolds of Implicitly Defined Dynamical Systems.
Graduation Date: August 2022 (co-advised with Jason Mireles-James).
Position After Graduation: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, North Carolina State University, CDC funded project, “Modeling Infectious Diseases in the Healthcare network (MIND Healthcare).

  1. Necibe Tuncer, Archana Neupane Timsina, Miriam Nuno, Gerardo Chowell, Maia Martcheva, “Parameter identifiability and optimal control of a SARS-CoV-2 model early in the pandemic,” Journal of Biological Dynamics, Volume 16, Issue 1, p.412-438, (2022).
  2. Archana Neupane Timsina and Necibe Tuncer, “Dynamics and optimal control of HIV infection and opioid addiction,” in Computational and Population Dynamics, World Scientific, (2022).
  3. Archana Timsina, Yuganthi Liyanage, Necibe Tuncer, Maia Martcheva “Determining r eliable parameters for within-host model of HIV and nutrition,” submitted, (2023).

Sunil Giri 

Sunil Giri Fall 2017 – Spring 2020
Dissertation Title: Infection Age Structured Epidemiological Models of Vector Borne Diseases With Direct Transmission
Graduation Date: May 2020.
Position After Graduation: Assistant Professor at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

  1. Necibe Tuncer, Sunil Giri, “Dynamics of a vector-borne model with direct transmission and age of infection,” Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena, Volume 16, Issue 28, p.1-24, (2021).

Jorge Gonzales

Jorge Gonzales Fall 2019 – Spring 2020
Dissertation Title: Accurate High Order Computation of Invariant Manifolds for Long periodic Orbits of Maps and Equilibrium State of PDE.
Graduation Date: May 2020 (co-advised with Jason Mireles-James).
Position After Graduation: NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Georgia Institute of Technology.

  1. Jorge Gonzales, J. D. Mireles James, Necibe Tuncer, “Finite element approximation of invariant manifold by the parametrization method,” Partial Differential Equations and Applications, Volume 3, Issue 75, p.38, (2022).