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Earn an advanced graduate degree or certificate in cybersecurity and elevate your career path. Our graduates in the Department of Mathematical Sciences acquire high-demand, specialized skills and are sought after by some of the biggest names in the technology industry, government, and academics.

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Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate (Mathematics Track) 

Cybercrime-related issues especially impact the State of Florida because a significant part of the state's economic development comes from tourism, international banking and high-tech industries. The number of scientists, engineers, and experts needed with special skills in cybersecurity exceeds the number available. The Cybersecurity certificate provides opportunities for graduate students to expand their knowledge and skills to meet the needs of the cybersecurity field. This is a 12-credit certificate. 

Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences with Focus in Cryptology and Information Security 

With internationally recognized faculty, small class sizes and individual mentoring, our flexible Ph.D. program in mathematics is tailored to your personal preferences and offers outstanding research opportunities in a range of disciplines. Students studying cryptology and information security can focus on topics such as: block ciphers, public-key cryptography, provable security, post-quantum cryptography, cryptanalysis, secret sharing, hash functions, and many others. 

National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Research 

FAU’s Department of Mathematical Sciences is home to one of the leading research groups in quantum-safe cryptography. The group played an important role in securing FAU’s re-designation as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Research through the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Research Agency. The group consistently attracts external funding, including various international collaborations, and is now spearheading NIST’s Post-Quantum Standardization process. 

Center for Cryptology and Information Security 

Angela in server room

The Center for Cryptology and Information Security in the Department of Mathematical Sciences is dedicated to original, cutting-edge research in cryptology and information security, education and training of research students, and information technology professionals. The center seeks and promotes collaboration with information technology industries of our region, and with federal and state government departments in the areas of information security. 

Alumni Spotlight: Angela Robinson, Ph.D., Focus in Cryptology 

  • Mathematician, National Institute of Standards and Technology

  • Ph.D., Mathematics, with Focus in Cryptology, FAU Department of Mathematical Sciences

  • Completed the Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division 

Department Events and Activities in Cryptology and Information Security  

Crypto Café: Topics in Mathematics and Computer Science related to Cryptography and Information Security, hosted by the Department of Mathematical Sciences and their Center for Cryptology and Information Security. Join talks and discussions from researchers across the University and experts from around the world as part of Crypto Café series.