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1/29/2011 The Proceedings of ISC2010 are now available online at

As announced during the Conference, the deadline for submitting the final Camera-Ready version of papers to ISC2010 General Chair, Dr. Spyros Magliveras (spyros@fau.edu), is November 4, 2010.
Camera-ready versions of all accepted papers must follow Springer guidelines. The number of pages of each full paper should be 15 pages or less. The number of pages of each short paper should be 7 or less.
These guidelines and page limits will be be strictly enforced. Papers not adhering to these guidelined will not appear in the ISC2010 LNCS proceedings.
If the pre-proceedings version of your paper is already formatted according to the Springer guidelines, using the llncs.cls style, you will not need to resubmit your paper.
November 10, 2010 is our deadline for sending final camera-ready copies to the Publisher.


ISC 2010 "Best Student Paper" Award:

First place: Özgür Dagdelen
for the paper "Security Analysis of the Extended Access Control Protocol for Machine Readable Travel Documents"
by Özgür Dagdelen and Marc Fischlin

Second place: Elmar Tischhauser
for the paper "Improved Collision Attacks on the Reduced-Round Grøstl Hash Function"
by Kota Ideguchi, Elmar Tischhauser, and Bart Preneel


Authors of all accepted full or short papers need to prepare pre-proceedings versions of their papers and submit them by October 1st, 2010. The total number of pages for either the full, short or sheparded papers must not exceed 15 pages (appendices, bibliography etc included). In the final proceedings, full papers are limited to 15 pages, and short papers to 7. Please click the "Paper Submission - next step " or the link "Paper Submission-next step" on the left for precise instructions on preparing your pre-proceedings papers.

06/01/2010 This year ISC is experimenting with a new approach for its official proceedings. Following the reviewing period, authors of all accepted papers will be asked to provide lightly revised pre-proceeding versions of their papers. Informal pre-proceedings will be distributed at the conference. After the conference, final versions of all papers will be due by November 10, 2010 and the Springer LNCS volume will be published in late December. The main benefit of the pre-proceedings model is the opportunity to revise papers, taking into account feedback obtained at the presentation and during the conference.

The Information Security Conference (ISC) is an annual international conference covering research in theory and applications of Information Security. ISC aims to attract high quality papers in all technical aspects of information security. It was first initiated as a workshop in Japan in 1997 (ISW'97, LNCS 1396), ISW 1999 in Malaysia (LNCS 1729), ISW 2000 in Australia (LNCS 1975) and then changed to the current name ISC when it was held in Spain in 2001 (ISC'01, LNCS 2200). The latest conferences were held in Brazil (ISC'02, LNCS 2433), UK (ISC'03, LNCS 2851), USA (ISC'04, LNCS 3225), Singapore (ISC'05, LNCS 3650), Greece (ISC'06, LNCS 4176), and Chile (ISC'07, LNCS 4779), Taiwan (ISC'08, LNCS 5222), Italy (ISC'09, LNCS 5735)