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Fall 2016/ Spring 2017

Mathematical Sciences Colloquium

We meet Fridays at 4 p.m. in SE 215

> Next Talk:

On Friday, March 31, at 4 p.m. in PS 109

Robert L. Devaney, Ph.D.

(Boston University)

will speak about

Cantor and Sierpinski, Julia and Fatou:
Crazy Topology in Complex Dynamics

Click here for the Abstract.

> Future Seminar and Colloquium Talks:
March 31 Robert L. Devaney, Ph.D.
(Boston University)
Cantor and Sierpinski, Julia and Fatou: Crazy Topology and Complex Dynamics

> Previous Talks:
September 2 Leo Margolis, Ph.D. (University of Murcia, Spain) Torsion units in integral group rings
September 16 Dragan Radulovic, Ph.D. (FAU) An elementary proof for the convergence of empirical processes
October 14 Verónica Quítalo (UT Austin) Systems of partial differential equations arising from population dynamics and neuroscience: Free boundary problems as a result of segregation
December 9 Yuri Gurevich, Ph.D. (Microsoft Research) Impugning Alleged Randomness
January 27 Kasia Rejniak, Moffitt Cancer Center, Integrated Mathematical Oncology Department Mathematical modeling of the interstitial drug transport in pancreatic tumors: integration of in-silico and in-vivo experiments
February 10 Michał Tomasz Godziszewski, Ph.D. (University of Warsaw) Axiomatic Theories of Truth - Conservativeness and Deflationism
February 24 Chris Groothedde (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) Instability in Dynamical Systems with Delayed Feedback
March 3
12 noon
SIAM Colloquium
Justin Tittelfitz, Ph.D. (Amazon) Applications of Machine Learning to Fraud Detection
March 17 Bruno Rémillard, Ph.D.
(HEC Montreal)
Combining losing games into a winning game

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