Statistical Consulting Service

Statistical concepts play an important role in basic and applied research. Because of this, the Department of Mathematical Sciences at FAU provides statistical consulting service for researchers at the university. PhD students, under a faculty supervision, provide the consultations. Of course, consultations during the early design stages of a study are more useful than those after the data have been collected. The Service does not provide consulting on data entry and the use of main frame computers, although advice and referrals may be given. If a student seeks extensive consulting, a meeting which includes the major professor must be arranged.

The Statistical Consulting Service does not have the resources to provide unlimited free consulting. However, there is no charge for the initial contact and discussions. If extensive consulting is required and clients have financial abilities, the service should be supported by the clients.

The Statistical Consulting Service can be arranged by calling (561) 297-2486 or email at to make an appointment.

Online Resources on Statistical Methods

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