Lianfen Qian Short Biography


Dr. Lianfen Qian

Dr. Qian is a Professor in Department of Mathematical Sciences at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). She joined the faculty team in 1996 after earning her Ph.D. in Statistics from the Michigan State University. Her thesis advisor was Professor Hira L. Koul.

Dr. Qian received her M.S. in Statistics and B.S. in Mathematics from Hangzhou University (now Zhejiang University) in China, and spent seven years teaching in Department of Mathematics at Hangzhou University prior her graduate study in the U.S.A.

Qian's research interests are in time series analysis and regression modeling, survival analysis, environmental statistics, parameter and function estimation, weak convergence of stochastic processes and their applications to statistics, and bioinformatics. She collaborates with various researchers from different institutions and different fields including biology, biomedical science, computer science and the government. For the professional community, Lianfen is an active member by being the editorial member for the journal Advances and Applications in Statistics and reviewer for the American Mathematical Reviews, Technometrics and many statistical journals.

Dr. Qian has taught numerous courses in Statistics. Many of them were new to the department and the university. At graduate level, she taught Mathematical Statistics, Regression Analysis, Nonparametrics,Statistical Computing, Applied Time Series Analysis, Survival Analysis and Clinical Trials, Bioinformatics, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Biostatistics, Econometrics and Advanced Statistics, Statistical Methods for Environmental Sciences. At undergraduate level, she taught all courses offered for the minor in statistics, the certificate in statistics and the certificate in actuarial science. Lianfen has received excellent teaching evaluations from her students.

Dr. Qian has received many awards. She was the recipient of Florida Atlantic University Initiation Award for the year 1998-1999 and of the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science Award for the year 2000-2001. She was a Project NExT Fellow from 1997-1998 chosen by the Mathematical Association of American. She is honored as Statistics Expert by the South Florida Water Management District.

Dr. Qian is the statistics coordinator for all statistically related programs in Department of Mathematical Sciences at FAU. She also provides statistical consulting service for students and researchers from FAU and the community.

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