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Lianfen Qian, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Charles E. Schimdt College of Science
Professor and Statistics Advisor
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Florida Atlantic University
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Phone: (561) 297-2486

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Dr. Qian's research interests are in big data analytics, change point detection in time series, survival data, environmental data via parameter and nonparametric approaches. Dr. Qian collaborates with various researchers from many institutions and different fields including biology, biomedical science, computer science, business and the government. Dr. Qian has published many refereed journal papers in statistics and serves on editorial board for several statistics journals. For more details, please visit her publication list and click the right for the book she edited.

Dr. Qian is a member of FAU Harbor Branch Pillar, Bimedical Research Pillar, and affliate faculty of Peace, Justice and Human Rights Initiative.

Dr. Qian has successfully supervised four Ph. D. students: Dr. Zhihua Liu, Dr. Wei Zhang, Dr. Fazhe Chang and Dr. Durga Kutal.


I believe that students are guided by the faculty in their pursuit of knowledge. A knowledgeable and caring faculty can make a positive inference in the students' lives. Students may be different in their efforts of engaging in learning: Some of them are self-motivated, others need periodical encouragement, and still others require a constant push. However, a responsible faculty should make sure that all students who are eager to learn are provided with the means to learn. Successful teaching is very important to me. I think of teaching as helping students and sharing with them what I have already learned.


Recent Awards and Certificates

Statistical Consulting Service

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at FAU provides a Statistical Consulting Service (SCS). The SCS does not have the resources to provide unlimited free consulting. However, there is no charge for the initial contact and discussions. If extensive consultation is required, the service should be supported by the clients. The SCS can be arranged by calling (561) 297-2486 to make an appointment.

Professional Services

Conferences Organized:
  • The 2018 FAU Big Data Science Conference

    Florida Atlantic University hosted the Big Data Science Conference on 10/13/2018. The purpose of the workshop is to bring together the research interests of Florida Atlantic University faculty and local industrial leaders to stimulate collaboration between the two parties in the area of data science and analytics. We hope to build cohesiveness among all of the varied and differing groups engaged in such work among the local community and beyond. Conference photos, please visit photos. We already start the planning for FAU 2019 Big Data Conference. If you are interested in sponsoring the conferece, please contact me at More updates will be posted via Math Event page.

  • The 2018 FAU-eCOTS Florida Southern Reginoal Conference

    The FAU & eCOTS 2018 Florida Southern Regional Statistics and Data Science Conference was held on May 19th of 2018 at Florida Atlantic University. The face-to-face regional conference will focus on Statistical Education with a theme on Data Science for ALL. The one day conference on Statistics and Data Science for All is sponsored by the Chinese Association of Science, Education and Culture (CASEC), CAUSE eCOTS 2018 , Palm Beach Chinese Academy, Modernizing Medicine and ASA South Florida Chapter. Please check out the conference program HERE and more details HERE.

  • The 2017 FAU-WZU International Conference on Statistics and Data Science

  • The 2016 FAU-eCOTS Florida Southern Reginoal Conference

    The FAU & eCOTS 2016 Florida Southern Regional Statistics and Data Science Conference was held on May 14th of 2016 at Florida Atlantic University. The face-to-face regional conference will focus on Statistical Education with a theme on Changing with Technology. For more details, please visit 2016 FAU & eCOTS Southern Florida Regional Changing with Technology.

Conferences invited to give talks in 2019:
  • Workshop on Statistical Analysis of Large Administrative Health Databases, Feb. 17-22, 2019, Banff, Alberta, Canada.
  • Chinese Economists Society 2019 North America Conference, April 5-7, 2019, Lawrence, KS, USA.
  • International Conference on Statistics Distributions and Applications (ICOSDA 2019), Oct. 10-12, 2019, Grand Rapids, MI, USA.
  • The 2019 11th ICSA International Conference, December 20-22, 2019, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.
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