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Homological Algebra

Welcome to my Homological Algebra course! We meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday 2:00 - 2:50 p.m. in BU 112. The course is a combined graduate and undergraduate course (CRN: 24306 MAT 4930-005 and CRN: 22698 MAS 6396-001).


Some familiarity with modules, as covered in the book by Herstein, Topics in Algebra, Chapter 4, or in the book by Ringel and Schröer, Representation Theory of Algebras, Part 1.


An introduction to homological algebra, in particular for students with interests in algebra, geometry or topology. We will be covering:



C. M. Ringel and J. Schröer, Representation Theory of Algebras, 2nd preliminary version. I plan to cover much of the material in Part 3 (A-modules), Part 4 (Projective modules) and Part 5 (Homological Algebra I).

Additional Literature

The textbook by Rotman, Homological Algebra, is a classic which is now available in the 2nd edition. I also list (in alphabetical order) several common textbooks that show the extent to which methods from homological algebra are used in algebra, geometry, topology...


Homework:  There will be weekly homework assignments, the 10 best will count for 40% of the grade.

Presentation:   Two presentations will count for 2×20% of the grade.

Written project:   One paper, written using a professional mathematics typesetting system, will count for 20% of the grade.

Final Exam:   The class will meet on Wednesday, May 2, at 1:15 p.m.; note that we have no written final exam. Instead, final exam credit is given for a presentation and for the term paper.

Further Information

Here you can find some additional information regarding academic integrity, religious accommodations and my grading scale.

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