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Fall 2012/ Spring 2013

Mathematical Sciences Colloquium

On Friday, November 30, at 4 p.m. in SE 215,

Prof. Dr. Hagen Meltzer
(Szczecin University, Poland)

will speak about

Stable Vector Bundle Categories

Abstract:  This is a report on joint work with Dirk Kussin and Helmut Lenzing. Let X be a weighted projective line and vect-X the category of vector bundles on X. This is a Frobenius category where the line bundles are the indecomposable projectiv-injective objects. Then the arising stable category vect-X is triangulated. We study those categories and explain the connections to singularity theory and the problem of nilpotent operators with invariant subspaces, which also has been investigated recently by Ringel and Schmidmeier.

All are welcome!

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