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Fall 2011/ Spring 2012

Algebra, Cryptography & Logic Seminar

We meet Tuesdays at 1 p.m. in SE 215

> Next Talk:

On Wednesday, July 11, at 1 p.m. in SE 212

Hasala Senpathy Karunaratne Gallolu Kankanamalage

will speak about

Invariant Subspaces in Optimal Control Theory

> Future Talks:
Fall 2012 Fuzhen Zhang, Ph.D.
(Nova Southeastern U)
The Schur Complement

> Previous Talks:
September 6 Markus Schmidmeier Operations on arc diagrams and a degeneration result for linear operators. I
September 13 Markus Schmidmeier Operations on arc diagrams and a degeneration result for linear operators. II
September 27 Warren McGovern Structure Spaces. I
October 11 Warren McGovern Structure Spaces. II
October 17 Chenchu Gottipati Vertex coloring edge partitions
October 25 Thomas Eisenbarth Cryptography in the presence of leaking
November 1 Robert Lubarsky Independence results around the Fan Theorem
November 8 Djordje N Bulj Study of divisors and algebra classes on the double cover of the affine plane which ramifies only on lines
November 15
Colloquium Talk
Mark Kleiner, Ph.D.
(Syracuse U)
Induction and restriction functors and combinatorial constructions for representations of partially ordered sets
November 30 Yuri Villanueva Generating ideals in rings of polynomials with integer-valued derivatives
January 17
Colloquium Talk
Dr. Luise-Charlotte Kappe
(SUNY Binghamton)
Finite coverings: a journey through groups, loops, rings, and semigroups
January 19
Grad Student Colloquium
Dr. Luise-Charlotte Kappe
(SUNY Binghamton)
Cantor's Diagonalization Revisited: Constructing Transcendental Numbers
February 7 Robert Lubarsky A Hat Game
February 21 Robert Lubarsky A Hat Game, Part II
February 28 Gene Klein (Keiser University) Rationality - it is not all that it is cracked up to be!
March 1
Colloquium Talk
Robert Raphael, Ph.D. (Concordia U, Montreal) An introduction to commutative clean rings
March 13
Colloquium Talk
Peter Vámos, Ph.D.
(U of Exeter, England)
The block sum monoid of a ring
March 20 Duval Zephirin Relabeling the Platonic solids: An application of the Unique Factorization Theorem
April 6 Xhavid Muqaj Cyclic modules generated by analytic functions
April 13 Drake Harmon Generically trivial Azumaya algebras on a rational surface with a non-rational singularity
April 17 Fred Richman Does every real number have a decimal expansion?
April 24 Nicola Pace 3-nets Embedded in a Projective Plane over a Field
May 4 Pamela Patch The algebra of musical tonal systems

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> Past Seminars:

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