STA 2023: Introductory Statistics                  Spring 2006


Instructor:  Hongwei Long     Office:   SE 268   Phone: 297-0810, E-mail:  

Lecture Time and Place: TR  6:00-6:50 pm in GS 120.

Office Hours: MWF:  10:30-11:30; TR: 2:00-3:00   Other times by appointment or just stop by the office.                                                                                       


Prerequisite:  MAC 1105, MGF 1202, or MGF 1106.

Course website:

Course outline:  


Tutoring Information for STA 2023:   Tutoring


Now you can find your grade from Mr. Stephen Kizlik’s website:



Sample Quizzes and Sample Final: 

·           Sample Quiz 1

·           Sample Quiz 2

·           Sample Quiz 3

·           Sample Quiz 4

·           Sample Quiz 5

·           Sample Quiz 6

·           Sample Midterm

·           Midterm Review

·           Sample Quiz 7

·           Sample Quiz 8

·           Sample Quiz 9

·           Sample Quiz 10

·           Sample Quiz 11

·           Sample Quiz 12

·           Sample Final

·           Sample Final Answers

·           Minitab Output for Linear Regression



Final Exam Schedule and Final Exam Review with Extra Credit:


The room assignments for the final exam are by grade code. They are:



0 - 30000

GN 102

30001 - 99999

GN 101

Both exams will begin at 10:30 am on Sunday.


The final exam is scheduled for Sunday, 4/30, from 10:30 am to 1:00pm.  You will need to bring a photo ID, a #2 pencil, a calculator and a large blue scantron form. You are free to bring your textbook and notes.  We will be using two rooms and will determine which ones and assign students to them (probably on the basis of grade code or last name) as soon as possible.  The alternate time for final exam is scheduled on Tuesday, 5/2, from 6:00 - 8:30 pm, in SO 250.  I will pass around a sign-up sheet to get a list of students who will be taking the alternate exam.



There is a final exam review with some extra credit available on MyMathLab 


Also, Mr. Kizlik  will be holding review sessions for the final exam. They will be held on Thursday, 4/20, Tuesday, 4/25, and Thursday, 4/27. All will take place from 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm in SO 250. 


Midterm Review Problems and Sample Tests with Extra Credit:


Students should go to Mr. Kizlik’s course website :    and click on the  'MyMathLab' link on the left.  This will take you to a login page.  If  you haven't registered, you will need the access code (given in the card inside the front cover of your book; if  you got a used book without a code, one may be purchased online) and the course ID kizlik60704.  Once you register, the tests for extra credit are under a link titled "ASSIGNMENTS ETC", and then a link  "tests" - which has the words "extra credit" in boldface in its description.



Midterm Schedule:


The midterm exam will be offered according to the following (revised) schedule:






Friday, 2/17

2:00 - 4:30 pm

SO 250


Saturday, 2/18

12:00 - 2:30 pm

GN 101


Saturday, 2/18

3:00 - 5:30 pm

GN 101


Saturday, 2/18

6:00 - 8:30 pm

GN 101


Tuesday, 2/21

6:00 - 8:30 pm

SO 250


If you wish to change your reservation, please do so on the sign-up sheet in lecture.


I will pass around a roster in my lectures, please sign up for one of the exam sessions. You will need to bring a photo ID, a #2 pencil, and a large blue scantron. You may use your textbook and notes. If you can't make any one of the exams, please indicate so next to your name on the roster.  We can only give a VERY limited number of exams in the Testing Center - they would like a name on every make-up exam - so students will need to document if they can't make one of the 5 sessions. 

 There will be a review session for the exam in ED 119 from 7:30 - 9:00 pm on Wednesday, 2/15. In addition to the review on Wednesday night, there will be another review for the midterm on Thursday night (2/16) from 8:30 - 10:00 pm in SO 250.




This course aims to impart an understanding of elementary descriptive and inferential statistics.  The emphasis will be on applied problem solving and interpretation of results, although computation will also be required. 


Students who successfully complete this course should be able to calculate and explain basic descriptive statistics; generate and interpret tables and graphs; solve problems in basic probability; make estimates of unknown parameters and conduct hypothesis tests; and estimate and interpret a simple linear regression model.  Successful completion of this course counts toward the computational requirement of the Gordon Rule.




Each week students must attend three types of classes:

1.       Lectures on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in which content will be introduced and example problems solved, and in which unannounced quizzes will be given;

2.       Discussion sections, which meet once per week as scheduled, in which the weekly homework solutions will be presented, questions answered, and quizzes given;

3.       Computer labs, which meet once per week as scheduled, typically following the discussion section, in which you will be required to complete computer exercises using Minitab and Microsoft Excel for credit.

In addition, the course website must be checked at least once a week for important announcements.




1.       Any academic irregularities will be dealt with as severely as possible.  Your enrollment at FAU commits you to standards of academic honesty, which will be enforced with vigor.


2.       Your behavior in class must be appropriate.  Excessive talking, rudeness, failure to supervise children, extremely late arrivals or early departures, possession of a cellular telephone or beeper that disrupts class, etc. may be penalized by whatever means your instructor considers necessary.  Disrupting an exam by any means may result in severe penalties, including and exceeding a grade of zero.


3.       No student is entitled to make up any missed exam, quiz, or assignment.  Any make-up exams will be given at the discretion and on the terms of the instructor, and may well be more difficult than the original exam.  No make-up exams will be given without a valid excuse, which will be verified.  Lying about anything in order to obtain permission for a make-up will be considered cheating.


4.       Your regular and punctual attendance is expected.  Unannounced quizzes may be given in any lecture.  Topics covered in lectures that are not covered in the course materials may be found on exams.  If you miss a class or are late, it is your responsibility to acquire any notes that you might want to have.  You should obtain these from other students, not the instructor.  Bear in mind that “getting the notes” is not equivalent to attending class.  Class notes will not be posted online.


5.       Your final grade will be based on the work you submit.  The level of effort you have expended, the urgency of your need to pass this course, the circumstances that burden you this term, and all other such considerations are not relevant.  Do not ask for individual extra credit, and do not try to persuade me to give you a higher grade on the basis of the personal consequences of your performance.


6.       If any posted grade is incorrect or missing, you must contact me within one week of the posting.  All legitimate grade errors will be corrected.  However, no arguments about partial credit on incorrect answers will be entertained.


7.       Students who are participating in University activities, are registered with the Office for Student Disabilities, or require any other kind of legitimate and permitted accommodation must notify the instructor by email on or before January 23, 2006, and all required forms must be completed by the student.  The specific accommodations to which they are entitled must be fully explicated, and contact information for the relevant advisor must be provided.


8.       The instructor reserves the right to terminate any discussion of any subject at any time.  If you are told to leave an instructor’s class, office, or immediate presence, you must do so.


9.       Students who do not hand in a quiz, lab, or exam when the allotted time has expired, as well as students who fail to correctly identify themselves, may receive a grade of zero. 


10.    All students must have a valid FAU email address at which they can be contacted.


11.    Additional policies will be established as needed.  Students are responsible for staying informed about them by checking the course website. 


Required Course Materials


1.       Elementary Statistics by Mario Triola, 9e, 2004, Addison-Wesley, with MyMathLab and Student Solutions Manual.

2.       Any scientific calculator with basic statistical functions.  A minimally satisfactory calculator is the Casio fx-260.  Many students use a TI-83 Plus or similar calculator, but problems are constructed so that a more advanced calculator affords little advantage.

3.       At least two large blue NCS answer sheets (‘scantrons’) for exams.






Your grade will be determined by the points you accumulate from the following:

1 Midterm Exam:                                                  100        

1 Final Exam:                                                       100

Approximately 12 Quizzes:                                 100

Approximately 12 Labs:                                      100

Total:                                                                      400


No grades will be dropped.  The instructor reserves the right to add extra credit or to curve grades, or not.


Grading scale


93 or above: A                      90 – 93: A-            

87 – 90: B+           83 – 87: B                              80 – 83: B-

77 – 80: C+           73 – 77: C                             70 – 73: C-

67 – 70: D+           63 – 67: D                             60 – 63: D-

                                less than 60: F


Important Dates


Saturday, 2/18                      Midterm exam.  Alternate dates will be announced.

Friday,  3/3                            Last day to drop without receiving an “F”

Sunday, 4/30                        Final exam.  Alternate dates will be announced. 



Important Announcements


January 9                              Lecture sections will begin on Tuesday, 1/10;  discussion/lab sections will not meet the first week of classes, but will begin on Tuesday, 1/17.

January 18                           Because it is the first week of labs, students enrolled in Monday labs will not need to make up the lab and quiz later this week.



Last modified: April 20, 2006