Forty-Fifth Southeastern International Conference on
Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing

March 3-7, 2014



Abay-Asmerom, Ghidewon, Imbeddings of Semistrong Products
Abdallah, Mohamad, Hamiltonian Edge-Connectivity of 2-tregenerated networks
Allagan, J.A., Tutte Polynomial of Some Multigraphs
Allen, Sabrina, On 2-fold G-designs where G has order at most 4 and edge-multiplicity 2
Alon, Noga, Graphs and communication
Amaro, Bruno Dias, Results on the sum of the largest eigenvalues of the signless Laplacian matrix
Anderson, Sarah E., Prime factorization in the generalized hierarchical product of graphs
Andrews, Eric, A Division Algorithm – Graph Theory Style
Angeleska, Angela, Genome Assembly and Sequence Reconstruction
Bahmanian, Amin, Eulerian Hypergraphs
Balasubramanian, Suman, On generating a simple Binet form for generalized Fibonacci and Fibonacci type numbers
Balof, Barry, Tilings, Continued Fractions, Scramblings, and e
Bartha, Miklos, A category theory approach to graph reconstruction
Benkam, B., On the Choosability of Some Graphs
Beyerl, Jeffrey, Achieving balance in the ARPG genre of video games with asymmetrical choices
Bi, Zhemming, A Cycle Decomposition Problem in Eulerian Graphs
Blessing, David, On (t; r) Broadcast Domination Numbers of Grids
Bode, Jens-P., Achievement Games for Polyominoes on Catalan Tessellations
Boehnlein, Edward, Subgraphs in Random Non-uniform Hypergraphs
Bollman, Dorothy, On the transient of a family of nonlinear discrete dynamical systems
Boone, Nolan, On decomposing 2n-regular circulant graphs into forests with n edges
Bowie, Miranda R., Set-Sized Domination of Z Z
Brown, David E., Cocomparability Interval 2- and 3-Graphs
Burns, Jonathan, A Connection Between Integer Lattice Point Solutions to Conic Sections and Integer Factorizations
Butler, Steve, Enumerating tilings of a strip using tetrominoes
Carmona Herrera, Maira, On cyclic decompositions of K n-1, n-1 + I into a 2-regular graph with at most 2 components
Carnes, Neil P., Some 1,M,N-Antiautomorphisms of Directed Triple Systems
Carr, Edward C. , Hamiltonicity in CnXCm after a t-skip row
Castle, Mari F., Tree Decompositions of Cayley Graphs and Digraphs with Word-Degenerate Connection Sets
Chan, Wai Hong,Trees of Minimum order with Game Chromatic Index Equal delta +1
Cheng, Eddie, A computer-aided examination of some "strong" Hamiltonian networks
Cheruvu, Vani, Spectral finite volume scheme for PDEs that model atmospheric flow
Chudnovsky, Maria, Coloring graphs with forbidden induced subgraphs
Cohen, Elad, On the clique structure of edge intersection graphs of subtrees of a tree
Colbourn, Charles, Pure (Multi)Complexes and Combinatorial Designs
Corneil, Derek, LexDFS, Cocomparability Graphs and Posets
P.J. Couch, Idempotent Antisymmetric Quasigroups
Cream, Megan, Some Results on Chorded Cycles
Crevals, Simon, Algorithm for dominating grid-like graphs
Daniel, B.D., Split Euler Tours in 4-Regular Planar Graphs
de Figueiredo, Celina M. H., The generalized split probe problem
Delgado, Pamela, Bipartitions Based on Minimum Degree
DeMaio, Joe, The Fibonacci Number of the Tadpole Graph
Dios, R., Some New Results on the Maximum Number of Constraints Using Coincidences for Some Balanced Arrays
Dod, Markus, The total domination polynomial
Doignon, Jean-Paul, Learning Spaces or an Application of Antimatroids
Dufour, Matthieu , Nim on a Tetrahedron
El-Zanati, Saad, On decompositions of complete graphs into 2-regular graphs
Ellis-Monaghan, Jo, The Tutte Polynomial and Beyond
Ellis-Monaghan, Jo, New Problems in Graph Theory from Micro and Macroscale Self-Assembly
Erickson, Lindsay , Hypergraphs and the game of Nim
Factor, Kim, Advances in the (i, j)-step competition graph influenced by real food webs
Finbow, Arthur S., Dominators and listeners team up
Finizio, Norman J., Results Related to the Existence of Non ZCPS-BDOWh(p) for Primes of the Form p = 4n + 1
Force, Matt, Dominating Sets in Cay(Zn; {+/-1, +/-3, ..., +/-2k-1})
Fox, Jacob, Combinatorics of Permutations
Froncek, Dalibor, Decompositions of complete bipartite graphs into generalized prisms
Fujisawa, Jun, Distance-Restricted Matching Extension in Triangulations of the Plane
Gilbert, Adam, K1, N-Subdivision Tolerance Representations of Cycles
Ginn, Mark, The Crossing Number of K3;3;3
Godbole, Anant, Covering Array Bounds Using Analytical Techniques
Golumbic, Martin Charles, Tolerance intersection graphs of degree bounded subtrees of a tree
Gomez-Calderon, Javier, A Note On Cyclotomic Polynomials
Gottlieb,  Eric, An Erdos-Szekeres-Type Result for Set Partitions
Gottipati, Chenchu, Cohesion and Non-separating trees in connected graphs
Graham, Fan Chung, Random walks and vertex ranking in directed graphs
Graham, Ronald, Bubblesort, Juggling Sequences and Permutation Statistics
Grimaldi, Ralph P., Subsets with No Isolated Even Integers
Hagenbarth, Colin, Snowplows
Hardnett, Alyssa, Graphs Realizing Vertex and Edge Connectivity and Minimum and Maximum Degree
Havvaei, Elham, Detection of Overlapping Communities in Large Scale Dynamic Networks
Hayman, Thomas, Facets of the alldifferent-except-zero Predicate
Heinig, Monika, Alternate Proof of the Formula for the Characteristic Polynomial of a Threshold Graph
Heissan, A.M., Graph Representations by Subgraphs
Hell, Pavol, Structured Families in Digraphs
Holliday, John, k-Resistant Cages
Holliday, Sarah, The Edge Grundy Numbers of Some Graphs
Horowitz, David, Extremal Values of the Maximum Rectilinear Crossing Number of Cycles with Diagonals
Hou, Xiang-dong, On Global P-Forms
Isaak, Garth, Min-max Theorems for the k-Path Partition Problem
Jamison, Robert, Decomposition Graphs
Johns, Garry L., Rainbow-Colored Paths
Johnson, Peter, Scheduling N Burgers for a K-burger grill
Johnson,Richard A. B., The Robber Locating Game
Johnston, Daniel, On Twin Edge Colorings in Graphs
Johnston, Travis J., Jumps (and non-jumps) in Non-uniform Hypergraphs
Jones, Cadavious, Algorithms for Finding a Successful Defense Against an Attack, in a Graph, When the Attack Can Be Defeated
Joshi, Prashant D., Modified Uniform Line Digraphs with Optimal Connectivity and Small Diameters
Juskevicius, Tomas, On the Littlewood-O ord problem and Sperner type theorems for multisets
Kawasaki, Yuki, N-flips in even triangulations on the torus preserving chromatic number
Kempton, Mark, The Spectrum of the Connection Laplacian
Keranen, Melissa, Computing Minimum Strong Rainbow Colorings of Block Graphs
Khadka, Bal K., Solving approximate SVP in an Ideal Lattice using a cluster
Killgrove, R., Investigations in Number Theory, Latin Squares, and Geometry
Kimura, Kenji, Defensive Alliances with Prescribed and Proscribed Vertices
Kiser, Derek, Distance-2 Domatic Numbers in Graphs
Kizhakkepallathu, Ashik Mathew, Hypercube Packings and Their Holes
Klingel, Joshua, Generalization of Fibonacci Sequences: Combinatorial Identities and Tilings
Kobata, Kumi, The generalization of enumeration on labeled even graphs
Korchmaros, Annachiara, On block transposition diameter of permutations
Kosick, Pamela, Expressing elements as a sum of squares
Kreher, Donald L., On group divisible designs with 5 groups and blocks of size 3
Krishnamoorthy, Mukkai, Evolution of Choices Over Time: The US Presidential Election, 2012, and the NY City Mayoral Election, 2013
Krop, Elliot, Improved Bounds for Relaxed Graceful Trees
Kruk, Serge, A Parallel Fourier-Motzkin Implementation
Krul, Michael, Algebraic Characterizations of Hypergraph Colorings
Kubicka, Ewa, Total Chromatic Sum for Graphs
Kubicki, Grzegorz, Avoiding Capture in a Multiple Stage Random Walk on a Cycle
Langley, Larry, Coloring rules and cocomparability interval k-graphs
Lappano, Stephen, Determination of a type of permutation binomials over finite fields
Larsen, Victor, Examining k-Ore graphs
Laskar, Renu, Path-Neighborhood Graphs
Lawes, Peter C., Orbital Chromatic Polynomials for Necklaces
Lefmann, Hanno, Some partition theorems for infinite and finite matrices
Levit, Vadim E., What do independent sets of a connected bipartite graph have in common?
Lichter, Tamar, Extremal Values of the Maximum Rectilinear Crossing Numbers of Graphs in C7,k
Lin, Jephian Chin-Hung, Sieving Process and the Lower Bounds for the Minimum Rank Problem
Lipman, Drew J., Intersections of Cycling 2-Factors
Lipman, Marc J., Luckless Graphical Minesweeper
Liu, Chun-Hung, Well-quasi-ordering graphs by the topological minor relation
Low, Richard M., Group-antimagic Labelings of Graphs
Lumduanhom, Chira, On Modular Colorings of Graphs
Luttrell, Kristi, An Algorithm for the Neighbor-Component Order Connectivity of a Unicycle
Matthews, Gretchen L., On Weierstrass semigroups and 3-point Hermitian codes
Matsumoto, Naoki, Diagonal transformations in N-angulations on the sphere
M. McConnell, Ross M., Recognition of Co-Threshold Tolerance Graphs
McDonald, Jessica, Packing and covering triangles in multigraphs
Medarametia, D., Structural properties of 2-bijective connection networks networks
Mendelsohn, Eric, Orthogonally Resolvable Cycle Decompositions
Meszka, Mariusz, From Squashed 6-Cycles to Triple Systems
Minion, Sarah, Alpha Labelings of Snake Polyominoes and Hexagonal Chains
Moazzami, Dara, Tenacity of cycle permutation graph
Moghadam, Hosien S., Isoperimetric Problems and Compression
Molina, Robert, Some Results on Recursively Defined Polynomial Sequences
Moriya, Etsuro, Partial Orders on Non-Codes
Mouatadid, Lalla, Linear Time LexDFS on Cocomparability Graphs
Moura, Lucia, Constructing covering arrays using linear feedback shift register sequences
Mullen, Gary L., Value Sets of Polynomials over Finite Fields
Mullin, Ronald C., A Discrete Mathematics Approach to Fractional Iterates
Nakamoto, Atsuhiro, 3-Polychromatic Quadrangulations on Surfaces
Narayan, Darren A., Real World Applications of Graph Theory
Nussbaum, Ronald, More Results on Distance-Preserving Graphs
Oellermann, Ortrud R., Graph Classes and Convexity
Pace, Nicola, Linear Codes from Projectivity Groups
Panario, Daniel, The number of irreducible transformation shift registers
Pfaltz, John, The Irreducible Spine of a Graph: A Study in Closure
Plessas, Demitri,Special Morphisms in Six Categories of Graphs
Poznanovic, Svetlana, Cycles and sorting index for permutations and matchings
Pruesse, Gara, A new algorithm to compute the bump number using lexicographic labelling
Puleo, Gregory J.,Tuza's Conjecture for Graphs with Maximum Average Degree Less Than 7
Qiu, Ke, Finding Edge-Centered Surface Areas for the (n,k)-Star Graph via
First Principle
Raridan, Christopher, Edge-balanced Index Sets of Complete Bipartite Graphs
Reid, Michael, Self-replicating Polyomino Tiles
Reiniger, Benjamin, Choosability of Graph Powers
Roberts, Charles E., Triangular Graphs represented by Extended Diagonal Matrices
Rorabaugh, Daniel, Bounds on Zimin Word Avoidance
Ross, Dennis, Local Predictions in Social Network Graphs
Rubio, Ivelisse, Construction of Families of Permutation Polynomials of Finite Fields
Rudasill, W. Kent, Balance in Whist and Generalized Whist Designs - Some Classic and Recent Constructions
Saber, Hashim A., Surface Modeling of the left Ventricle of the heart
Saccoman, John T., On a Class of Non-Threshold Laplacian Integral Split Graphs
Salehi, Ebrahim, Product Cordial Sets of trees
Santana, Michael, Spanning Trees with Leaf Distance at Least D
Schmidt, Andrew , Monochromatic-bichromatic Ramsey numbers for some small cycles
Shahrokhi, Farhad, Clique Cover Width in the Clique Sum Graphs
Shende, Anil M., Maximal Induced Paths and Minimal Percolating Sets in Hypercubes
Simmons, Gustavus J., Enumeration of Hamilton paths in ladders
Simonelli, Italo, Majority rule in the setting of random binary matrices
Sinko, Anne, The lower independence-partition number on bipartite graphs
Slutzky, D., Recursive Formulae for the Chromatic Polynomials of Complete R-Uniform Mixed Interval Hypergraphs
Smith, Heather, Constructing Baranyai Partitions
So, Wasin, Cycles Have More Energy Than Paths
Soifer, Alexander, Geometric Graphs: Problems and Results
Sonnino, Angelo, Remarks on the Higman-Sims and M22 graphs
Spence, Dianna, Path Elongation Constructions: A Progression of PE Values in A Single Graph
Spindrad, Jeremy, Mathematical Models of Nearly Transitive Graphs
Sponberg, Nathan, Minimizing direct competitions in complete components of the (i, j)-step competition graphs
Sprague, Alan P., Multithreshold Graphs
Stevens, Gary E., Minimal Palindromes
Su, Hsin-Hao, On Friendly Index Sets of Barycentric Subdivision of Wheels
Tanny, Stephen, Constructing New Families of Nested Recursions with Slow Solutions
Tapia-Recillas, H., Constacyclic codes over a class of nite local non-Frobenius rings
Taylor, Patrick, On directed labelings
Tennenhouse, Craig, Induced Subgraph Saturated Graphs
Tesman, Barry, Tr-span of Directed Wheel Graphs
Thapa Magar, Krishna, Finding generating pairs for PSL(2; p), which are strong against the p-attack
Tian, Fang, A rainbow short dicycle for each vertex in large arc-colored unbalanced oriented graphs
Tiemeyer, M., On C4-Factorizations with Two Associate Classes where a=3(mod 4) and small
Todt, Heiko, On Edge-Balance Index Sets of Broken Wheels
Thomson, David, Constructions of various Sudoku-like hypercubes
Trenk, Ann N., Unit Mixed Interval Graphs
Trotter, William T., A Fresh Look at the Removable Pair Conjecture
Viadya, Sanju, Analysis of Reversal and Transposition Distances For Permutations
Villalpando, John, The Cardinality of the Image of L(2; 1)-Colorings and Irreducible L(2; 1)-Colorings
Wang, Ruidong, The dimension of planar posets with t minimal elements
Wash, Kirsti, WORM colorings of graphs
Westlund, Erik E., Bipartite planar graphs are Hall (G)-completable
Wierman, John C., On exact site percolation thresholds for a class of two-dimensional lattices
Williford, Tabitha, Theoretical and Chemical Properties of Tree-like Polyphenyl Systems
Woltz, Jon, Dominating Sets in Cay(Zn; {+/-1, +/-3, ..., +/-2k-1})
Yamaguchi, Yohei, NP-completeness of Kuromasu
Yatauro, Michael, Component Order Connectivity and Vertex Degrees
Yeager, Elyse, Saturation Number of Ramsey-Minimal Families
Young, Michael, Coloring the Integers with Rainbow Arithmetic Progressions
Younger, Daniel H., Tutte's k-flow Conjectures
Yuan,Shuai, A study of middle parts of trees
Yuen, Chi Ho, Second Neighborhood Conjecture on Cayley Digraphs of Abelian Groups
Zahedi, Emad, Distance Preserving Graphs
Zhang, Yiran, Modeling of gene network and identifying key genes
Zhao, Cheng, On Hypergraph Cliques and Polynomial Programming
Zhou, Lidong, Twins in Words and Common Subsequences in permutations



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