Forty-Fourth Southeastern International Conference on
Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing

March 4-8, 2013

Contributed Papers

There will be sessions for fifteen-minute contributed papers throughout the Conference. In order to facilitate the scheduling of the talks, and to provide a printed program of maximum utility, we require that the title and an abstract (10-20 lines single spaced ) of each paper to be submitted be received ( in our hands ) by February 5, 2013 . Please submit your abstracts by email as text, latex, or MS Word document along with a PDF version. Abstracts in TeX must conform to conference size and space restrictions, must indicate TeX version and not refer to style sheets unique to your institution. We attempt to honor reasonable scheduling requests, but we must point out that constraints hamper us in putting together coherent sessions. Please include your scheduling request in the body of the email which has the abstract attached. The abstract will be reproduced in the Conference program, and must include the title of the paper on the first line, the author's name and institution on the second line (IN THE SAME SIZE FONT AS THE BODY OF THE ABSTRACT), and be about six inches wide and not more than five inches long, in all. There should be no unnecessary blank spaces. Indicate the presenter of multiple author papers with an asterisk (*). DO NOT INCLUDE the word, "ABSTRACT"; DO furnish us with a list of key words. Go to for a sample. There may be a charge made for abstracts which must be retyped for reproduction, and overlong abstracts may be cut or reduced without regard to content.



EMAIL: Papers presented at the Conference will be considered for publication in a series of volumes of the refereed journal, Congressus Numerantium . Complete texts must be submitted by May 11, 2013, to be considered for inclusion and must follow the instruction sheet included with the manuscript submission form.

Everyone submitting a paper should provide an email address, as acknowledgement of the papers will be by email.
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