Forty-Fourth Southeastern International Conference on
Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing

March 4-8, 2013



Ghidewon Abay-Asmerom, Virginia Commonwealth University. Domination-related Results of the Semistrong Product
Tomoko Adachi, Toho University, Japan. Hypergraphs and information rate
Ibraheem Alolyan, Zeros of Interval Polynomials
Alyssa Anderson, College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University. Classification of Double Stars Using the Independence Partition Number
Eric Andrews*, Western Michigan University. On Eulerian Irregularity in Graphs
Ryan Arredondo, University of South Florida. Reductions on Double Occurrence Words
John Asplund*, Joseph Chaffee, and James M. Hammer, Auburn University. Inverse Domination Number
Brad Bailey*, John Holliday*, Dianna Spence, University of North Georgia. k-Resistant Graph Colorings
Scott M. Bailey*, Christian Barrientos, Clayton State University. Operations with Mean Graphs
John Bate, University of Manitoba. Efficient Isomorphism Detection in Searches
Jonathan E. Beagley, George Mason University. Properties of the Copoint Graph of Convex Geometries
LeRoy B. Beasley* and Sarah Mousley, Utah State University. k-Primitivity of Tournaments and Other Digraphs
Anton Betten*, Colorado State University. Spreads and Packings in PG(3; q)
Allan Bickle*, Western Michigan University. 2-Tone Coloring of Joins and Products of Graphs
Jens-P. Bode, TU Braunschweig, Germany. Grundy Numbers of Products of Paths, Cycles, and Stars
Michael Bodewig. Complete Fix-Free Codes with a Given Minimal-Length Set
Miranda R. Bowie*, University of North Alabama Peter J. Slater, University of Alabama in Huntsville. Ratios of Set-Sized Domination Parameters
Kelly Bragan*, Peter Johnson, Auburn University. On the definition of Regular Clique Assemblies
David E. Brown*, Utah State University; Michael Barrus, Brigham Young University. Interchange Graphs of Tournaments
Megan Bryant*, James Figler, Roger Garcia, Carl Mummert, Yudishthisir Singh, Marshall University. The number of mates of latin squares of sizes 7 and 8
Jonathan Burns, University of South Florida. Calculating the Braid Index of Chord Diagrams
Peter Cameron, Queen Mary, University of London. Synchronization and graph endomorphisms
Peter Cameron, Queen Mary, University of London. Orbital versions of graph parameters
Andre Campbell* and Anant Godbole, East Tennessee State University; Bill Kay, Emory University. Universal Cycles for Labeled Posets and Words
Neil P. Carnes, McNeese State University. Some 1,M,N-Antiautomorphisms of Directed Triple Systems
Edward C. Carr, North Carolina A&T State University. Hamiltonicity in CnXCm after a 2-skip row
Joe Chaffee*, Chris Rodger, Auburn University. Quadratic Leaves of Packings of Kn
Wai Hong Chan*, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Ge Nong, Sun Yat-sun University. Game Chromatic Index of Trees of DELTA = 4 and without adjacent 4-vertices
Glenn G. Chappell*, John Gimbel, University of Alaska. On Subgraphs Without Large Components
Vani Cheruvu*, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Toledo. A nodal high-order spectral nite volume solutions for shallow water equations
Sul-young Choi*, Le Moyne College, Syracuse, NY; Puhua Guan, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, PR. On graphs with neighborhood homogeneous labelings
Larry Cummings, University of Waterloo, Canada. Matrices of Triangular Numbers and Difference Systems of Sets
Michael Dancs*, Keith Driscoll, Elliot Krop, Christopher Raridan, Clayton State University. Some new bounds for edge-magic graphs
Jennifer Daniel*, Jill Hamilton, Lamar University. Groups of G-Genus 0 and 1
Parisa Derakhshan*, Walter Hussak, Loughborough University, UK. Edge-Disjoint Hamilton Cycles in Star Graphs of Prime Dimension
Anilkumar Devarapu*, Seyed Roosta, Albany State University. Deterministic and Stochastic Simulation analysis of Nonlinear Biochemical Reaction Networks
Jennifer Diemunsch*, Michael Ferrara, Samantha Graffeo, Timothy Morris, University of Colorado Denver. On 2-factors with a bounded number of odd cycles
D.V. Chopra, Wichita State University, R.M. Low, San Jose State University, R. Dios*, New Jersey Institute of Technology. Fractional Factorial Designs for 2m Series and Bi-level Balanced Arrays.
Traymon Beavers, David Cervantes-Nava, Molly Domino* and Michelle Rose. Mount St. Mary's College, James Madison University, SUNY Potsdam, and St. Mary's College of Maryland. Graphs from Beyond the Grave: A Self-Stabilizing Algorithm for Double Domination
Andrzej Dudek*, Western Michigan University, Troy Retter, Emory University, Vojta Rodl, Emory University. On generalized Ramsey numbers of Erdos and Rogers
Saad El-Zanati, Illinois State University. On Decomposing Regular Graphs and Multigraphs into Isomorphic Trees
Catherine Erbes*, Michael Ferrara, University of Colorado Denver; Sarah Behrens, Stephen G. Hartke, Charles Tomlinson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Hannah Spinoza, Ben Reiniger, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Degree Sequences of k-Uniform Hypergraphs
J. Ernstberger*, LaGrange College, A. D. Perkins, Mississippi State University. A Metaheuristic Search Technique for Graceful Labels of Graphs
Kim A. S. Factor*, Marquette University; Sarah K. Merz, University of the Pacific; Yoshio Sano, University of Tsukuba. The (i, j)-step competition graph and (i, j)-step competition number
Jill Faudree, University of Alaska, Ralph Faudree*, University of Memphis. Weak Saturation Numbers for Graphs
Bill Butler and Norman Finizio*. Orbits of ZCPS-Wh(4n+1), 12 <= n <= 18
Breeann Flesch, Western Oregon University. Graph Nim
Patrick Fowler,*  Sam Cotton  and  Dan Jenkinson (University of Sheffield,UK), Wendy Myrvold  and  William H Bird (University of Victoria, BC). Conjugated circuits, currents in benzenoids and equiaromaticity
Dalibor Froncek*, University of Minnesota Duluth. Magic Rectangles and Handicap Tournaments
Futaba Fujie*, Nagoya University. On Covering Walks in Graphs
John Georges*, David Mauro, Trinity College. On the zero-sum Zk 4 -magic labeling of cubic graphs
Anant Godbole*,Michael Donders, Rutgers University, East Tennessee State University. Tiling Probability Models and t-Covering Arrays
Robert Gold. Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences, Germany. Applications of Decision Graphs
Armin Berhoozi, Cody Goss*, Michael Tiemeyer, Armstrong Atlantic State University. C4-Factorizations with Two Associate Classes, a congruent 3(mod4)
Stephen Locke, Chenchu Gottipati*, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton. Reduced path systems and super-edge-graceful trees
Ron Gould, Emory University. Connectivity in Path and Cycle Problems I - Placing Elements on Paths and Cycles
Ron Gould, Emory University. Connectivity in Path and Cycle Problems II - k-Linkage, H-Linkage and H-Immersion
Robert A. Beeler, Aaron D. Gray*, East Tennessee State University. Peg Solitaire on Generalized Helm, Web, Gear, and Wheel Graphs
Ralph P. Grimaldi*, John H. Rickert, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. A Partial Order for Extraordinary Subsets
I.T. Roberts, S. D’Arcy, Charles Darwin University, Darwin, Australia and H.-D.O.F. Gronau*, Universität Rostock, Germany. Completely Separating Systems of k-sets for k=11 or k=12
Alexander Guterman, Moscow State University, Russia. On the Polya problem of conversion between permanents and determinants
Kelly Bragan, James Hammer*, Pete Johnson, Auburn University, and Ken Roblee, Troy University. Regular Clique Assemblies
Heiko Harborth, TU Braunschweig, Germany. On the Minimum of the Maximum Rectilinear Crossing Numbers of Regular Graphs
Johannes H. Hattingh*, East Carolina University, Ernst J. Joubert, University of Johannesburg. The product of the restrained domination numbers of a graph and its complement
Thomas Hayman*, Serge Kruk, Laszlo Liptak, Oakland University. Facets of Multiple alldifferent Predicates of Size 2 in a Cycle Structure
L. William Kazmierczak, Monika Heinig*, Charles Suffel, Stevens Institute of Technology. On Component Order Connectivity K_c^(2)
Silvia Heubach*, California State University Los Angeles Eric Duchene, Claude Bernard University of Lyon 1, France Matthieu Dufour, University of Quebec at Montreal, Canada Urban Larsson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. A Generalization of Nim
Kelly Bragan, Peter Johnson, Auburn University; Sarah Holliday*, Southern Polytechnic State University; Deiter Reutenbach, University of Ulm; Matthew Walsh, Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne. CNUC graphs
Michael Hoschek, RWTH Aachen University. An Improved Lower Bound on the Independence Number for Certain Graphs
Garth Isaak*, Kathleen Ryan, Lehigh University. Degree lists for two 2 tree like graph classes
Lakshmi Iswara Chandra*, L William Kazmierczak, Kristi L. Luttrell, Charles Suffel, Monika Heinig, Stevens Institute Of Technology; Daniel Gross, John T. Saccoman, Seton Hall University. On Uniformly Optimal Networks
Bonnie Jacob, National Technical Institute for the Deaf at Rochester Institute of Technology. Identifying vertex types in a graph
Brianna Blake, Elizabeth Field and Jobby Jacob*, Rochester Institute of Technology. On the rank number of graphs that are combinations of paths and cycles
Alan C. Jamieson*, Lindsay H. Jamieson, St. Mary’s College of Maryland. The impact of locality on Wimer style algorithms
Xingde Jia*, Jian Shen, Texas State University. Extremal Bases For Finite Cyclic Groups
J. Travis Johnston*, Linyuan Lu, University of South Carolina. Turan Problems on Non-Uniform Hypergraphs
B Jonck, Department of Mathematics, University of Johannesburg. The lower bound on the packing chromatic number of regular graphs
Tina Helms, Illinois State University, Maggie Murray, Stephanie Zeppetello, Illinois State University, Heather Jordon*, Illinois State University and Mathematical Reviews, Stephanie Zeppetello, Illinois State University. Extended Skolem-type Difference Sets.
Isaac Justus*, Teresa W. Haynes, East Tennessee State University Stephen T. Hedetniemi, Clemson University. Upper Bounds on Degree-Type Vertices in Trees
Izabela Kanaana*, Cora Neal*, Sonoma State University. The Distinguishing Chromatic Number of Line Graphs of Complete Graphs
Yoshihiro Kaneko, Gifu University. Relay-balanced trees on a graph
Daria Karpenko, University of South Florida. Active Tile Self-Assembly: Simulating Cellular Automata at Temperature 1
Arnfried Kemnitz*, Massimiliano Marangio, Techn. Univ. Braunschweig, Germany. d-Strong Total Colorings of Graphs
Bal K. Khadka* and Spyros S. Magliveras, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton. Lattice Basis reduction using hill climbing and LLL reduction
Emre Kolotoglu*, Spyros S. Magliveras, Florida Atlantic University. On The Possible Automorphism Groups of a Steiner Quintuple System of Order 21
Gabor Korchmaros, Universita della Basilicata, Potenza, Italy. k-nets embedded in a projective plane
Serge Kruk*, Michael Nguyen, American University. Guiding the search of weighted all-di erent constraints
Marcin Krzywkowski. On trees having many minimal dominating sets
Peter Che Bor Lam* and Zengmin Song, Division of Science and Technology, Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College, Zhuhai, PRC. The Choosability of Some 4-Reduced Plane Graphs
Ivan Livinsky, University of Toronto Alexander Lange*, Stanis law Radziszowski, Rochester Institute of Technology. Computation of the Ramsey Number R(C4;K9)
Hanno Lefmann, Fakultat fur Informatik, TU Chemnitz, Germany. Families of r-dimensional Linear Vector Spaces and Colorings
Yiling Lin, Miwako Mishima‡, Masakazu Jimbo†, Nagoya University†, Gifu University. Equi-difference conflict-avoiding codes of length n = 2a3bm and weight four
W.H. Chan, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, R.M. Low*, San Jose State University, Wai-Chee Shiu, Hong Kong Baptist University. On Group-Antimagic Graphs
Chira Lumduanhom*, Western Michigan University. On Monochromatic Colorings Inspired by the Lights Out Puzzle
Kristi L. Luttrell*, L. William Kazmierczak, Charles Sufel, Lakshmi Iswara Chandra, Monika Heinig, Stevens Institute of Technology, Daniel Gross, John T. Saccoman, Seton Hall University. An Algorithm for the Neighbor-Component Order Connectivity of a Tree
Saad El-Zanati, Illinois State University; Adam Hakes, Purdue University; Joel Jeries*, University of Central Missouri; Elizabeth Mastalio*, University of Northern Iowa; Jordan Torf, Illinois State University. On decomposing -fold complete graphs into Stanton 4-cycles
Tabitha McCoy*, Teresa W. Haynes, East Tennessee State University, Stephen T. Hedetniemi, Clemson University. Cost E ective Domination in Graphs
Peter Johnson and Jessica McDonald*, Auburn University. Note on the InverseDomination Number Problem
Gasper Mekis, Institute for Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics, Slovenia. Rainbow connection in product graphs
Amy Mihnea*, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Frederick Hoffman, Florida Atlantic University. Applications of the Matrix of Forbidden Pairs
Robert Molina*, Alma college Aklilu Zeleke, Lyman Briggs College, Michigan State Univeristy. On the Coefficients of Fibonacci Type Polynomials
LeRoy Beasley, Sarah Mousley*, Utah State University. K-Colorings of Tournament Digrpahs
Wendy Myrvold*, William H. Bird and Matthew J. Imrie (University of Victoria), Patrick W. Fowler (University of Sheffield). Models of Current Density Maps of Benzenoids
Ryan Bunge and Saad El-Zanati, Illinois State University; Daniel Gibson, Concordia Uni versity; Jackelyn Nagel*, Dominican University, Benjamin Stanley, New Mexico State Uni versity; Allison Zale, Illinois State University. On cyclic decompositions of Kn+1;n+1 minus a 1-factor into 2-regular graphs of size n
Octavian Nicolio, University of Indianapolis. An implementation in C++ of a Topological Sorting algorithm in a directed acyclic graph
Eddie Cheng, Oakland University and Akhil Nistala*, Novi High School. Matching preclusion and conditional matching preclusion for crossed cubes
Matt Noble, Francis Marion University. 4-Chromatic Subgraphs of Q4
Steven Osborne, Iowa State University. Constructions of cospectral bipartite graphs for the normalized Laplacian
Nicola Pace, Universidade de S~ao Paulo. On small complete arcs in projective planes
Pambe Biatch’ Max*, Laure Pauline Fotso, University of Yaounde I, Jay Bagga, Ball State University. An Algorithm for graceful labelings of certain unicyclic graphs and some newgraceful C_(2n+1)−unicylic graphs
Antoniya Petkova*, Narsingh Deo, Sumit Jha, University of Central Florida. Discriminative Stochastic Models for Complex Networks Derived from Flow Cytometry Big Data
Mike Plantholt, Illinois State University. Dirac-type Conditions for Anti-directed Hamilton Cycles, and Variations
Bette Catherine Putnam, University of Mississippi. Bicircular Matroids with Circuits of Few Sizes
Eddie Cheng, Oakland University, Ke Qiu*, Brock University, Zhi Zhang Shen, Plymouth State University. On Disjoint Shortest Paths Routing in Interconnection Networks: A Case Study in the Star Graph
Christian Barrientos & Christopher Raridan*, Clayton State University. Mean Labelings of Outerplanar Graphs
K. B. Reid*, California State University San Marcos. Distance Sequences in Graphs
Michael Reid, University of Central Florida. Tile homology and packing of 3-dimensional polycubes
Manja Reinwardt, Hochschule Mittweida, Germany. Two-Edge Connected Reliability of Two-Trees
Charles E. Roberts*, George P. Graham, Indiana State University. Moore Graphs and Triangle-Free Graphs Written In Terms of Extended Diagonal Matrices
Dean Homan, Auburn University Dan Roberts*, Illinois Wesleyan University. Maximum packings of complete multigraphs with stars.
Ken Roblee* and Bob McNellis, Troy University. More Extremal Non-Bipartite Triangle-Free Edge-Regular Graphs
Tony K. Rodriguez*, Teresa W. Haynes, East Tennessee State University Stephen T. Hedetniemi, Clemson University. Very Cost Effective Domination
Seyed Roosta*, Anilkumar Devarapu, Albany State University. Optimal Graph Partitioning with Weighted Nodes
Wayne Goddard, Stephen T. Hedetniemi, Clemson University, Robert R. Rubalcaba*, US Department of Defense, Matt Walsh, IPFW. Roman, fractional Roman, and Total Domination
Ivalese Rubio Canabal, UPR Rio Piedras. Exact p-Divisibility of Exponential Sums Using the Covering Method
Marcel Celaya, McGill University, Frank Ruskey*, University of Victoria. On Morphisms and Nested Recurrence Relations
Katherine Moore, John T. Saccoman*, Seton Hall University. Spanning Trees of Almost Ideal Proper Split Graphs
Bruce E. Sagan, Michigan State University. Two binomial coefficient analogues
Bruce E. Sagan, Michigan State University. Permutation Patterns and Statistics
Hasmik Sahakyan, Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia. On Hypergraph Degree Sequence Characterization
Lifoma Salaam Howard University – Washington DC. Convexity, Non–Crossing Tree Partitions and Independent Sets in Phylogenetic Trees
Robert Scheidweiler*, Eberhard Triesch, RWTH Aachen University. An upper bound for the gap chromatic number
Ingo Schiermeyer*, Roman Sotak, TU Bergakademie Freiberg. Rainbow numbers for bulls and diamonds
Steve Schluchter. The George Washington Universty. Ordinary voltage graphs, pseudosurfaces, and derived graph imbeddings.
Gerd H. Fricke*, Timothy O'Brien, Chris Schroeder*, Morehead State University, Stephen T. Hedetniemi, Clemson University. On Open Irredundance of a Graph
Suk Jai Seo*, Middle Tennessee State University, Peter J. Slater, University of Alabama in Huntsville. OLD-interpolation in trees
Farhad Shahrokhi, University of North Texas. New representation results for graphs with bounded clique cover width
Caroline Shapcott, Indiana University South Bend. True-palindromic compositions and hairpins
Eddie Cheng, Oakland University, Nart Shawash*, University of Detroit Mercy. Comparing Kuramoto model synchronization in some popular interconnection networks
Anne Sinko, College of St. Benedict and St. John's University. Colored-Independence of Trees
Peter J. Slater University of Alabama in Huntsville. How much is that graph #&(^ worth?
Alexander Soifer, University of Colorado. Problems of pgom Erdős
Angelo Sonnino, Universita della Basilicata, Potenza, Italy. Transitive arcs in three dimensions
Brad Bailey*, Dianna Spence*, University of North Georgia. Path Elongation in Graphs
R. Sternfeld*, ISU; R. Killgrove, ret. Locations of Desargues Con gurations
Gary E. Stevens, Hartwick College. Some New Palindromes
Shaun Sullivan*, Thomas Beatty, Florida Gulf Coast University. Structured Shues and The Josephus Problem
Wesley Surber*, Robert Gardner, East Tennessee State University. Restricted and Unrestriced Hexagon Coverings of Complete Bipartite Graphs.
Yasuhiko Takenaga*, Shintaro Aoyagi, Shigeki Iwata and Takumi Kasai, The University of Electro-Communications. Shikaku and Ripple Effect are NP-Complete
Stephen Tanny, University of Toronto. Investigating a New Family of Nested Recursions
Krishna Thapa Magar*, Spyros Magliveras, Florida Atlantic University. A new construction of Hoffman-Singleton graph using a well known peculiarity of A6
Michelle Champlin, Anant Godbole, and Beverly Tomlinson*, East Tennessee State University. Universal Cycles of Complementary Classes
Hoa Tran, Fordham University. Stochastic Map via Noisy Quantum Channels
Sanju Vaidya, Mercy College. Applications of Young Tableaux to Evolutionary Distances
Inna Vasylieva*, Teresa W. Haynes, East Tennessee State University Stephen T. Hedetniemi, Clemson University. Very Cost Effective Partitions in Graphs
Margit Voigt*, University of Applied Sciences Dresden, Arnfried Kemnitz, Technical University Braunschweig, Anja Pruchnewski, University of Technology Ilmenau. Fractional (P;Q)-Total Colorings of Graphs
Matt Walsh, Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne. Notes on valid drawings of signed graphs
Robert A. Beeler, Clayton A. Walvoort*, East Tennessee State University. Peg Solitaire on Trees
Xun Wang, University of Tsukuba. Finding Motifs in DNA Sequences by Low Dispersion Sequences
John P. Georges, David Mauro, Trinity College, Hartford, CT, Yan Wang*, Millsaps College, Jackson, MS. On labeling a family of tree-like graphs with a condition at distance two
Ben Wehrung*, Jacksonville University. When Quasigroups with Holes of Size 2 are Not Enough
Douglas B. West, Zhejiang Normal University. An Introduction to Discharging
Douglas B. West, Zhejiang Normal University. On-line List Coloring or “Paintability” of Graphs
Keith Driscoll, Elliot Krop, David Williams*, Clayton State University. Modulo two edge-magic cubic graphs
Mark Wisser*, Alan C. Jamieson, St. Mary's College of Maryland. Non-trivial Self-stabilizing Algorithm for Minimal Perfect Domination in an Arbitrary Graph
Neil Calkin, Clemson University; Janine Janoski, King's College; Allison Nelson, Appalachian State University; Sydney Ryan, Grinnell College; Chao Xu*, Stony Brook University. Graph Nim on Spiders
Douglas Bauer, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA, Nathan Kahl, Seton Hall University, USA, Edward Schmeichel, San Jose State University, USA, Douglas R. Woodall, University of Nottingham, UK, Michael Yatauro*, Penn State University, Lehigh Valley. Improving Theorems in a Best Monotone Sense
Rebecca Miller, University of Central Oklahoma, Aklilu Zeleke*, Michigan State University. On The Zeros of a Fibonacci Type Polynomials with Varying Initial Conditions
Cheng Zhao, Indiana State University. On Frankl and Furedi’s conjecture for 3-uniform hypergraphs



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