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Even mathematics is a "language" that states propositions and tells stories. It's a very elaborate form of "play" language. That's why it's such fun for those who speak it well.     Richard Mitchell, "Less than words can say"

The goal of higher education is to seduce students into a love of learning.     Barbara Lazear Ascher

Universities should not be brokers of the contemporary. The purpose of education is to open the remote past to the students, so they can learn from the voluminous human record of mistakes and triumphs.     Camille Paglia

One does not understand a mathematical proposition merely by proving it true. That is why there are such things as mathematical lectures rather than just lists of proofs.     David Deutsch

Transient limits (Beamer presentation 29 August 2019)

The first 101 interesting numbers


Research Interests

Abelian group theory, commutative rings, and constructive mathematics. See Confessions of a formalist, Platonist intuitionist for a brief automathography.

Recent papers

Other Publications




Mathematics for the liberal arts student

A textbook.

Numbers and Symmetry

An introductory modern algebra text for undergraduates.

Is 0.999... = 1?

A skeptical look at this perennial problem.

Dialogue between machine and man

A poem about the uncountability of the real numbers.

The axiom of choice

A proposal to eliminate countable choice from constructive mathematics.


Links to my scripts on various mathematical topics.


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