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Lianfen Qian, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Charles E. Schimdt College of Science
Professor and Statistics Advisor
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Florida Atlantic University
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Phone: (561) 297-2486

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Areas of Research

Dr. Qian's research interests are in big data analytics, change point detection in time series, survival data, environmental data via parameter and nonparametric approaches. Dr. Qian collaborates with various researchers from many institutions and different fields including biology, biomedical science, computer science, business and the government. Dr. Qian has published many refereed journal papers in statistics and serves on editorial board for several statistics journals. For more details, please visit her publication list and click the right for the book she edited.

Dr. Qian is a Math Alliance Mentor. For details, please visit Math Alliance for more details.

2015 Undergraduate Statistics Research project Competition First Place Award (Advisor), ASA/CAUSE

2013 CEL 1001: eLearning Designer and Facilitator Certificate

Teaching Experience

I believe that students are guided by the faculty in their pursuit of knowledge. A knowledgeable and caring faculty can make a positive inference in the students' lives. Students may be different in their efforts of engaging in learning: Some of them are self-motivated, others need periodical encouragement, and still others require a constant push. However, a responsible faculty should make sure that all students who are eager to learn are provided with the means to learn. Successful teaching is very important to me. I think of teaching as helping students and sharing with them what I have already learned.

Statistical Consulting Sevice

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at FAU provides a Statistical Consulting Service (SCS). The SCS does not have the resources to provide unlimited free consulting. However, there is no charge for the initial contact and discussions. If extensive consultation is required, the service should be supported by the clients. The SCS can be arranged by calling (561) 297-2486 to make an appointment.

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