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Fall 2014/ Spring 2015

Algebra / Logic Seminar

On Friday, February 13, at 4:00 p.m. in SE 215,

Antonio Lerario
(Univ. Claude Bernard Lyon 1)

will speak about

Complexity of Intersections of Real Quadrics and Discriminant Varieties

Abstract:  In this talk I will focus on the problem of understanding the topology of an intersection X of real quadrics. I will introduce a new notion of algebro-geometric complexity (inspired by fewnomials and related considerations), using the discriminant in the space of quadratic forms. This leads to a "duality" between X and the set of singular quadrics in the linear system defining it. This approach is reminiscent of stratified Morse theory - topology and singularities interact in a controlled way, and in the case of intersections of three quadrics, we will see that the dual problem entails the first part of Hilbert's Sixteenth Problem.

All are welcome!

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